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Mystics vs. Sun: Our staff unanimously predicts that Washington will win the 2019 WNBA Finals

We got together and hashed out our thoughts on who will win the WNBA championship, why and who the Finals MVP will be.

Washington Mystics v Connecticut Sun
Yes, some of us believe that Emma Meesseman will be the 2019 WNBA Finals MVP.
Photo by Khoi Ton/NBAE via Getty Images

On Saturday, I gave my input in Swish Appeal’s roundtable on 2019 WNBA Finals predictions. In it, I answered three questions. First, who will win the Finals, the Washington Mystics or Connecticut Sun? Second, what is the number one reason why the Mystics or Sun would win the title? And third, who will be WNBA Finals MVP.

I predict the Mystics will win the WNBA Finals in five games. I believe that’s because of their positionless basketball style and the strength of their reserves. And finally, I believe Emma Meesseman will win the Finals MVP Award. Yes, Elena Donne is the Mystics’ franchise player. But WNBA teams just don’t have a clear answer to stop Meesseman’s off-ball movement and overall play, whether as a starter or reserve.

With Swish Appeal giving their thoughts, I got our staff to give their predictions as well. I’d be shocked if anyone thought the Mystics would lose to the Sun in a five-game series. But our staff also has different reasons why, and we aren’t necessarily on the same page on whether Meesseman or Elena Delle Donne will emerge as the Finals MVP. Here they are below!

Diamond Holton

Who wins the WNBA Finals? Mystics in five games.

Why? The Sun are a tough team and they’ve proven that all season, but the Mystics can hang with them and will bring the championship to D.C.! Washington has the more well-rounded team than any other team in the league...PERIOD! Plus trying to stop Emma Meesseman and Elena Delle Donne (M-V-P!!) on the court together is just plain chaos for other teams. Good luck trying though!]

Who is the Finals MVP? This may be a tough one. If Meesseman plays the way she did in the series against the Aces then I’ll say her, but I’m not fully sleeping on Elena Delle Donne scooping it either. Going with my gut I’m taking the Belgian Cat herself.....EMMA MEESSEMAN!!!

Alan Jenkins

Who wins the WNBA Finals? I’ll go Mystics in 5 games.

Why? The Washington Capitals lifted the D.C. sports curse last year by winning the Stanley Cup. That title opened the door for teams like the Mystics who have improved, but still haven’t won a title yet. The dam for sports titles in D.C. is about to burst (hopefully? maybe?) starting with the Mystics.

Who is the Finals MVP? Elena Delle Donne. This award is generally saved for the best player on the winning team, right? That’s EDD.


Who wins the WNBA Finals? Mystics in five.

Why? They have the best player on the floor in Elena Delle Donne, and they have a crazy deep bench. The Sun are good and it will be a tough series, but the Mystics offense is unstoppable and I don’t think the Sun can keep up over a long series.

Who is the Finals MVP? I’d love to see Meesseman continue her hot shooting and win it, but my money is on Delle Donne. (LaToya Sanders and Natasha Cloud will always be the MVPs of my heart, though).

Ben Becker

Who wins the WNBA Finals? The Mystics! Let’s go with four games.

Why? I haven’t watched enough of the season to say why with any true conviction, but I do know that whenever I’ve watched the Mystics play, I have been thoroughly impressed and entertained. The skill level in the WNBA has improved by leaps and bounds since the “We Got Next” days of twenty-some years ago. The Mystics were the class of the WNBA in the regular season, and I am looking forward to watching them bring a championship to DC.

Who is the Finals MVP? Elena Delle Donne. EDD is just nasty. She was the regular season MVP on the strength of an insane 50-40-90 shooting season. Emma Meeseman and the rest of the the Mystics’ supporting cast are dangerous and productive enough that the Sun can’t just tilt their entire defense to Elena. Superstars leave their marks by leading their teams to titles, and I expect Elena to do just that.