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Ariel Atkins gives her take on Robert Pattinson being Batman — and who her favorite Batman actor is

Cue the infamous Knight intro while reading this piece.

After having a stellar night vs. the Atlanta Dream with a game-high 21 and contributing all across the stat sheet with three assists and three rebounds, Washington Mystics guard Ariel gives a bit more insight on which DC Comics characters she loves the most.

Let me tell you about the backstory to this discussion about comic book characters. Before Media Day on May 6, Atkins admired my phone case which has a still shot from The Dark Knight with Batman played by Christian Bale and The Joker played by the late Heath Ledger.

Batman and Joker iPhone case
Diamond Holton

Remembering this, I talked to Atkins and asked for her opinion of former Twilight actor Robert Pattinson reportedly becoming the next Batman. Atkins is not very familiar with all of the actors who portrayed the superhero, but we were still able to narrow it down to whom exactly she liked. Ultimately, she prefers Christian Bale as Batman.

See if you and her have similar likes when it comes to DC Comics and its most popular characters.