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Mike Thibault was very pleased about the Mystics playing as one unit

The starters and bench definitely came together as one physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Mystics’ head coach is very pleased about that.

The true definition of a team was exemplified on Saturday night when the Mystics blew out the Dream, 96-75 in their home opener last Saturday.

Whether it was Washington’s veterans or the young reserves, you could tell they supported one another. Being in a new arena and on a new court didn’t show as the team played as one with high praises from their coach.

A big take from head coach Mike Thibault’s presser was the fact he mentioned how they needed to find players that can take the pressure off the veterans and commended them for doing just that really well. Some of those players were Myisha Hines-Allen and Shatori Walker-Kimbrough whom he gave credit to. Hines-Allen had only six points, but crashed the boards with eight rebounds and defensively added two blocked shots and one steal.

Last season and this season Thibault wanted players who can “step up” and players like Hines-Allen and Walker-Kimbrough showed that in the home-opening win over Atlanta.