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D.C. Councilman responds to Natasha Cloud on her concerns regarding gun violence near Southeast D.C. school

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Though Ward 8 Councilman Trayon White responded, our guess is that the media blackout is still happening anyway.

Natasha Cloud is waiting for a meeting with D.C. Ward 8 Councilman Trayon White and MAyor Muriel Bowser.
Natasha Cloud Instagram video

On Thursday, Mystics guard Natasha Cloud called out D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser and Ward 8 Councilman Trayon White on an apparent lack of action since two shootings near Hendley Elementary School resulted in three stray bullets breaking its windows. Both shootings happened in the last two weeks, including one last Wednesday.

Cloud requested a sit-down with them or solutions to those issues. If she received neither, then she (and likely the Mystics as a whole) will have a “media blackout” for Friday night’s game against the Storm.

In a statement to Kelyn Soong of The Washington City Paper, Councilman White said the following. Here is the unedited (for grammatical errors) version:

I have been doing youth violence intervention and mentoring some of the highest risk youth in SE for 17 years. We have to go visit Mothers when they lose their children and be at the crime scenes when someone is on the ground fighting for their life. During these times I don’t see the people that tweet. When we have programs in the schools, like Ballou last week, I don’t see the people who just tweet. We are getting more teams and returning citizens to be in the community to address the neglect and social ills that influence violence. We had a big violence strategy meeting last night at the Arc and I didn’t see the people who just tweet. Years from now when they are on to the next hot topic in their lives Trayon White will still be here committed and serving. Don’t tweet join us!

Cloud doesn’t seem to be that impressed.

And our hunch is that the media lockout’s happening anyway.

After reading Councilman White’s statement, he does make some fair points. Yes, as a councilman, he’s done things in the past to keep people out of trouble in school and from resorting to violence. That’s good. And I agree with him that the act of angry social media activism without action isn’t effective.

But I don’t see that with Cloud. She works in Ward 8 like the rest of the Mystics. And just like the Wizards too. She has a higher profile in the D.C. area since she’s a professional basketball player, a very good one at that. It would be more effective if White collaborate with Cloud on such issues which I think would be a win for the Councilman too.