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Natasha Cloud calls out Capitals for not mentioning Mystics in their congratulatory tweet to the Nationals

The Capitals mentioned that they were in a “District of Champions” with the Nationals in a tweet but didn’t mention the Mystics in it.

WNBA Finals Portraits
Natasha Cloud is not happy with a Monumental Sports team. It’s not the Wizards fortunately!
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

As you might expect, relations are very warm between the teams at Monumental Sports & Entertainment. The Washington Mystics, Capitals, Wizards, Capital City Go-Go, Valor, Brigade, Wizards District Gaming and Team Liquid are quite supportive of one another.

But like any siblings in a family, sometimes there are arguments. And one came out in public this morning.

Mystics guard Natasha Cloud wrote a tweet earlier Saturday morning (or afternoon in Chinese time where she is) calling out the Capitals’ social media team for a tweet congratulating the Washington Nationals for winning the World Series last Thursday.

The ... “capital offense?” Not mentioning the Mystics in the District of Champions.

This term “District of Champions” is catching fire with the city by the way. Check out the new flag, sorta.

Cloud certainly had plenty of supportive tweets. But the most interesting one came from the Carolina Hurricanes. Thankfully as Mystics fans, we won’t have to worry about Cloud demanding a trade to Raleigh when there is no WNBA team there. Yet.

I certainly understand where Cloud’s coming from. The Mystics are Monumental Sports’ top dog. They are the most recent champions since the Capitals are now two seasons removed from their cup.

But I also don’t think the Capitals are obligated to mention the Mystics in a congratulatory tweet either, at least when they aren’t using the “Welcome to the championship club” line. I think that’s why Cloud is upset.

For what it’s worth, the Wizards didn’t mention the Mystics in their congratulatory tweet. But they aren’t NBA Champions. Furthermore, the Wizards and Mystics share more resources than they would with the Capitals so they’re going to be more mindful about these things.

As for us at Bullets Forever, I’m ... personally obligated to mention the Mystics as championship winners every time I get the chance. So hell yeah, I’m mentioning them in a congratulatory post like I did at around midnight on Friday!

Finally, we have to note that Cloud mentioned a two-day old tweet by the Capitals. And that tweet got a lot of heat from WNBA and Mystics fans even while fans were celebrating the Nationals’ championship. To be fair to the Capitals’ social media team, they sort of .... ran it back and tweeted this soon after, with an assist from ESPN.

But of course, their original tweet still remains.

The Mystics, Capitals and Nationals aren’t the only teams to win a title in the last year. The Washington Valor also won the ArenaBowl last year. They haven’t been super vocal about being left out by the Caps and Mystics though.

Ultimately, I think this will pass. The Capitals got plenty of heat before Cloud said anything. I just hope that she isn’t going to demand a trade over this in the offseason.