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Elena Delle Donne played in the WNBA Finals with THREE herniated discs in her back

Natasha Cloud revealed that the Washington Mystics’ franchise player had a more significant injury than initially reported.

WNBA Finals Portraits
Elena Delle Donne is cozying up to the NEW CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY!
Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

The Washington Mystics are still getting used to their hard-earned title of being WNBA CHAMPIONS!

On Thursday night, we also heard some injury news about forward Elena Delle Donne. In a postgame press conference, Natasha Cloud mentioned that she had THREE herniated discs in her back. Not just one.

Click on the video for the moment when Cloud mentioned it. It skips to the 16:57 mark.

Around the 19-minute mark, Delle Donne praised the Mystics’ medical staff for giving her the proper treatment over the past week. At that point, Toliver gave EDD a hard pat on the back.

At that point, the point guard said, “FOUR!”

Okay, okay, I doubt Delle Donne has another herniated disc from it, but it was funny!

Finally, you can watch Emma Meesseman and Mike Thibault give their press conference as well in the first ten or so minutes.