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Mystics vs. Aces game cancelled due to Las Vegas’ travel woes

If the game went on as scheduled, the Aces would have had little rest or food before taking the court in what would have been a major game.

Carolyn Swords Twitter

The Mystics’ game against the Aces was cancelled due to the Aces’ travel problems heading from Nevada to Washington.

Because the game is cancelled, the Mystics and Aces will only play 33 games this season, which only complicates the playoff picture. Washington is currently fifth in the WNBA standings while Las Vegas is ninth and fighting for a spot.

The Aces had a rough 24 hours when they were waiting in airports thanks to delayed flights that lasted until the overnight.

The Aces ultimately ended up in Dallas overnight where they were delayed again... apparently with an overbooked flight!

Earlier this morning, the game was delayed to 8 p.m. tonight to give the Aces some buffer time when their flights — FLIGHTS — from Dallas would land at Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia at around 2:45 p.m. EST.

Aces guard Kayla McBride ultimately couldn’t hold back by the time the plane was heading to D.C.

Well, I think this tweet by SB Nation NBA’s Whitney Medworth sums it up here very well:

It was a nice gesture for the WNBA to delay the game. But ultimately, the league should have cancelled this game when it was clear that the Aces wouldn’t be able to get to D.C. without a comfortable night’s sleep. It isn’t cool to see teams take red-eye flights into a layover city before getting to their destination where they aren’t warmed up — and at a higher risk of injury.

In an odd twist, this is also the second straight season where a Mystics game was cancelled or postponed. In 2017, their game against the Sun was postponed due to a roof leak.

The Mystics’ next game is on Sunday, August 3 at 4 p.m. EST against the Dallas Wings.

As for the Aces, they may get to be in Washington tonight. But they will have to take another flight or a train to head to Uncasville, Connecticut to play the Sun this Sunday at 12 p.m. EST.