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Jeff Green says his favorite Mystics player of all-time is Chamique Holdsclaw

The Wizards forward grew up in Maryland where he got to see many Mystics games over the years.

Jeff Green is the Wizards’ newest member. In fact, he’s only been a Wizard for two days now.

Green is also from nearby Cheverly, Maryland, so it should be no surprise that he would visit Capital One Arena and check out Mystics games during the summer.

In an interview with Dan Nolan of Monumental Sports Network, Green mentioned that he likes watching the current Mystics team that’s competing for a Top-4 seed in the playoffs. He also mentioned that long-time Mystics legend Chamique Holdsclaw is his favorite player:

There is plenty of content written about how the WNBA has changed the perspectives of today’s women’s basketball players and female athletes in many other sports over the last 20 years. Let’s also not forget that it has a positive impact on the men in today’s NBA as well. Green is just one of many examples of that.