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The Washington Mystics host their 2018 Media Day

Elena Delle Donne gave WNBA fans a more inside look at Mystics training camp on Wednesday.

The Washington Mystics held their 2018 Media Day at Capital One Arena on Wednesday. Here is a recap of what went down.

Elena Delle Donne took over the WNBA’s social media on Wednesday. Below, you can watch her first video:

Delle Donne also jumped in sync with Natasha Cloud and Tayler Hill.

This was the end result.

Monique Currie gave a shout out to the #DCFamily for welcoming her back:

And Cloud interviewed Delle Donne as well.

Rookie Ariel Atkins also gave a shout out on video tape.

If there was something I found interesting with Delle Donne’s media day obligations, she was holding broccoli as dumbbells. It’s probably as part of an eat healthy campaign:

During the interview rounds, Delle Donne gave some insight on what she planned to do this season. Delle Donne also empathized with Emma Meesseman’s absence, because she also had a burnout situation during her freshman year of college. Here is what she said to Ava Wallace of The Washington Post:

“I get it,” forward Elena Delle Donne said. “I went through burnout when I was younger, so I completely understand that she needs to just take a rest. She probably wants to be with her family a little — but obviously, it sucks for us, I’m not going to lie. She’s an incredible player; she’s an all-star . . . Luckily, we’ve been together for a little while; we’ve been able to work on some things.”

After the interviews in the early afternoon, the Mystics went right back to work:

Once practice was over, Delle Donne went home to see her dog Wrigley,

And wrapped up the day with dinner at a restaurant.

Media Day is certainly one of the Mystics’ biggest days of the preseason. I’m excited to see how far they will go this summer and hope you are too.

A quick announcement - As you may have noticed, I embedded an account that said “BF Mystics.” Is that account affiliate with Bullets Forever? Yes, it’s our new Mystics Twitter account.

We “soft launched” BF Mystics earlier this week. But since some notable WNBA writers have started following the account right away, we might as well say that it’s up and running now.

Over the last two to three years, our Mystics content has grown to the point where we are posting on all the team’s games and even the offseason. That’s awesome and we’re behind the Mystics 100 percent!

But we also recognize that as our site grew, we needed to streamline things better. Mystics fans who read our site via social media wanted a hub more dedicated for the WNBA team. And there are Wizards fans who didn’t engage very much with Mystics content on our main handle. Our new BF Mystics handle helps address that.

Our own Diamond Holton will be tweeting most of the time from the BF Mystics account. It will post more day to day content and live-tweet Mystics games. The main handle won’t post as much on the Mystics day to day during the summer. However, the main handle will still tweet Mystics articles and about the team in general. But again, it just won’t do so as often.

Likewise, BF Mystics posts on Wizards news too:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jake or myself. And give BF Mystics a follow!