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Elena Delle Donne talks Wizards, her shoe game, and Monique Currie’s signing

Elena Delle Donne was at Thursday’s Wizards game when they played the Raptors. In an interview with NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller, Delle Donne talked about how she watches Wizards games. She also talked about her shoe game at the end.

But most importantly, Delle Donne gave her blessing on Monique Currie’s signing, or re-signing, given that she played most of her career with the Mystics before.

In her remarks, Delle Donne called her a “a great player, veteran leader, and she’s just solid, both offensively and defensively.” She even noted that Currie scored a career high against the Mystics last season on May 14, 2017 when she scored 31 points in a loss.

Great to see that Delle Donne is welcoming the Mystics’ newest (but returning) wing player.