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Checking in on the Mystics who are staying in the United States

Court Dedication and WNBA Fit Clinic Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Most WNBA players play overseas during the NBA season. But for whatever reason, most of the Mystics spent a lot of time in the USA where they get to spend time training for next summer and take part in other community activities.

So let’s check up on the players who are stateside and what they’ve been up to during the long WNBA offseason.

Elena Delle Donne

As the Mystics’ franchise player, Delle Donne has made many appearances in and around D.C. since the 2017 WNBA season ended. She took part in camps and Monumental Sports’ annual holiday gift giveaway like you can see below:

Finally, Delle Donne was a featured speaker at Turner Sports’ Sports Business Innovation conference in Las Vegas last week. The moderator was former Wizards player Chris Webber:

Natasha Cloud

Cloud has worked out in Washington and also was a color analyst for high school basketball games on Monumental Sports Network:

She’s also been active at many Monumental Sports community events throughout the winter.

Cloud’s Instagram account — and her stories — are one of my favorites to follow. So follow her here!

Tayler Hill

Hill has been in rehab for her season ending knee injury, so it’s safe to say that she was going to stay in the USA regardless.

She has been splitting her time between Washington and Minneapolis, her hometown. Hill’s younger sister, Morgan, is also a Division I prospect in her own right.

And like Cloud, Hill was at the St. Elizabeth’s arena/practice facility’s “top off” ceremony earlier this month:

Ivory Latta

Latta reccently authored a children’s book, “Despite the Height” last summer. Now that the WNBA season is over, she has promoted the book regionally:

She may not be going abroad during the NBA season, but Latta is still practicing:

“A Place To Clear My Mind”. : @capcitycuddi. @bburrell_11

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And finally, Latta was the grand marshal of a parade in York, South Carolina last Monday. It’s in the same county where she is from:

Tierra Ruffin-Pratt

TRP has stayed stateside so far as well. She was most recently at a community service even last Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Hill:

Tianna Hawkins and Allison Hightower

I wasn’t able to find much, but they were training in Washington last month.

This of course isn’t everything that last season’s Mystics players are doing as we head into free agency. But it’s good to see that everyone’s doing well. And hopefully, an offseason where most players are stateside can help the Mystics start 2018 healthy!