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Mystics release information on Game 4 playoff game at Georgetown University

Washington, DC Landmarks Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Mystics sent an email to their season ticket holders on Thursday regarding Game 4 of their semifinals series against the Lynx. The game will be at McDonough Arena at Georgetown University instead of the Capital One Arena, but here are some more details regarding the change:

  • All seating is General Admission - McDonough Arena seats 2,500 people, so viewing points will be very nice for all people who attend. It also eliminates the logistics of determining where each season ticket holder has to specifically sit at based on what seat he or she has at Capital One Arena.
  • Season ticket holders will only be charged $25/seat for this game - That said, it’s important to note that some season ticket holders sit in the 100 sections along center court, some sit behind the basket, and others have courtside seats. To simplify things, everyone gets charged $25/seat for the game if it’s played. Most fans should see a discount on their final bill.
  • All season ticket holders will get complimentary food and drink - From one hour before gametime until the start of the second quarter, every season ticket holder will get complimentary food and drink. All season ticket holders get food credits with their tickets, so this is their way of honoring a similar experience in that respect.
  • Georgetown University will offer bus services to the Rosslyn and Dupont Circle Metro stations for fans - For those of you not from the Washington area, the Georgetown neighborhood is located in an area that is not adjacent to a Metro line. Furthermore, Georgetown University is on the western edge of Georgetown and doesn’t have many parking spots. Therefore, it’s better to
  • The Mystics will offer fans an opt-out option if they cannot attend the game - Some season ticket holders may not be able to go to the game for whatever reason. So they’ll have the option to opt out of this game but still be in for the WNBA Finals if the Mystics can go that far.

Tickets for Game 4 will be on sale at a later date, perhaps as soon as Friday if they win Game 2 tonight.