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Emma Meesseman shows the lighter side of her personality with her mother

Instagram stories are kinda like Snapchat. You post a video or picture which lasts for 24 hours before they “disappear.” And you can only view these things on a mobile device. After all, most internet traffic comes from mobile devices today.

But you know that they really don’t disappear. I mean ... LeBron James did his shaved head workout challenge as an IG Story and that video was plastered all over the internet within minutes.

My fingers aren’t quite as quick as some others, but I did like Emma Meesseman’s three stories from last weekend.

We put it out on our Twitter real quick last week, but Sonja Tankrey, Meesseman’s mother stopped by on this side of the Atlantic Ocean to watch her baby girl show her game on the court in WNBA action.

Like many of us, we like good ol’ home cooking. Since Meesssman wants some traditional “Belgische keuken” every once in awhile, she had some mussels one night at a restaurant judging from the background of this photo:

I’m wondering if Meesseman also went “all out Belgian” with some frieten, a Brusselse wafel, and a Duvel bottle (or two) with her dinner. Unfortunately, we’ll just have to leave that to interpretation.

In this day and age where players post their healthy cuisines like asparagus plates and grilled chicken breasts, you just don’t want to get told off by the coaching staff the next day, right?

The quality time with mom didn’t stop there. They also played hide and seek. I don’t get the back and forth motion I see with a lot of these IG or SnapChat videos though:

And for whatever reason, Tankrey wasn’t happy when Emma was showing the camera at her once again. “SLECHT MEISJE!”

Anyway, social media, when used appropriately, is a good way to show people their personalities. Though Meesseman may not be as gregarious as Ivory Latta, she’s also not afraid to show her lighter side from time to time.