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The Mystics and Wizards radio announcer Dave Johnson were at Giant near St. Elizabeth’s

The Mystics were at a Giant on Monday afternoon in Southeast Washington. In fact, it is located near the St. Elizabeth’s Hospital site where their practice facility and arena will be. It’s also an opportunity for them to do some community service.

Along the way, Elena Delle Donne signed autographs:

While Kristi Toliver was filling bags instead of draining threes:

The Mystics weren’t the only Monumental Sports team represented. Wizards radio play by play announcer Dave Johnson hung out with Shatori Walker-Kimbrough at the seafood counter:

At the bakery, Emma Meesseman was baking a cake and making finishing touches like the Neuhaus and Godiva chocolatiers do at the Koninklijke Sint-Hubertusgalerijen / Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert in Brussels:

Rumor has it that Johnson asked Meesseman for her Liège and Brussels waffle recipes so he could make them at home. But those are family secrets! Unless he wanted to get “initiated” like this perhaps:

So Johnson posed with Meesseman and got her cake instead — a win win situation. Meesseman keeps her Liège and Brussels waffle recipes a secret, while Johnson comes out in one piece!

Joking aside, Johnson also took some more pics with customers and the rest of the Monumental Sports members who were part of the event: