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Mystics at Stars final score: Delle Donne returns with a vengeance in 85-76 win

The Washington Mystics (13-9) took on the San Antonio Stars (3-19) on Tuesday afternoon in San Antonio. They are currently third in the association, but every team plays today, so that may shift slightly .

The Mystics got out to a hot start in the first quarter and never looked back.

Elena Delle Donne was available for the game after missing the last two games due to her ankle sprain. Her perfromance was the cushion that ended the first half with the Mystics up 41-28.

I have been on the watch for an Elena Delle Donne 30 point game, and we got within a breath today.

EDD scored 29 points in 35 minutes. She also grabbed 10 rebounds, dished 4 assists and had 3 blocked shots. Rusty? Ahem.

Emma Meesseman contributed 16 points, three rebounds, two steals and three blocked shots. This is exactly what we thought this duo was capable of contributing.

I have to point this out specifically, because even though they played a struggling team, the Mystics have zero advantage in knowing one another on the court. Meesseman missed training camp and 11 straight games through June. Her consistency led her Belgian team to out-perform expectations, and she was a top five All Star for the tournament. Definitely helpful in a very practical way. Winning is winning.

But it is worth pointing out that this Mystics team is a fraction of its potential at the moment, simply because of the new moving parts. Despite Kristi Toliver’s poor shooting, her UMMC Ekaterinburg teammate, Emma Meesseman, fed her every possible open look today because they do actually know each other. And this was clearly the game Toliver could shoot out a slump.

I look forward to that confidence growing overall with the team.

EDD and Meesse had a combined 45 points on 27 attempts, 13 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, and SIX blocked shots. So, yeah.

Krystal Thomas was on the cusp of a double-double with eight points and 13 rebounds. I feel like I have been straight-on gushing about her, but she has earned it.

But in the final analysis, this game came down to free throws and the Mystics are making 87 percent of their free throws as a team. Today, they shot 26-29. The San Antonio Stars shot 15-26.

There are a ton of great shooters and teams, but fundamentals win games.


And a nice stats nod to EDD, below. I still cannot believe she is a Mystic!