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Mystics at Sparks final score: Washington fizzles after hot start, lose 76-69

The Washington Mystics (10-6) lost to the Los Angeles Sparks (12-3). I have a lot of thoughts on this game, but let’s keep it positive.

This play below was nice to see from Kristi Toliver.

The first half of basketball was really lovely for the Mystics. Great ball movement, good defense, caught the Sparks off-guard.

This was the first game of Emma Meesseman’s career that she did not start. Am I here to quibble about Coach Mike Thibault’s rotations? I could.

But I will limit it to this: why can’t a top player in form, play 35 minutes?

I just don’t know what they are being ‘saved’ for, or why the bench has to do more than it should.

Elena Delle Donne had 22 points in 29 minutes. She did not see the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth.

And as a matter of fact, I just watched Emma Meesseman win games in EuroBasket 2017 against the top teams in Europe with under a minute to go, and she played 19 minutes today. You cannot exercise leadership from the bench.

Clearly, wins cover up flaws, but I have to note that Tayler Hill shot 0-11 last game in a win, and 2-9 today, in a loss. She doesn’t just disappear from the team, she ghosts right now. i expect a literal explosion from her in the next 4 road games.

I am not mad the Mystics did not win this game overall. But I look forward to what they can do.