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Mystics at Liberty final score: Washington blown out 85-55

Washington Mystics v Phoenix Mercury Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Washington Mystics (11-9) lost to the New York Liberty (9-9).

There is a real dog fight at the top of the standings right now. The new WNBA playoff system really rewards the top four teams in the association. Those teams get a bye and a double-bye respectively. And the Mystics are fifth.

With the loss of Tayler Hill and Elena Delle Donne, Washington, once again, is flying half blind. Every player that was available for training camp is a veteran on this squad at this point, losing the two of them is a loss not only for their points and production, but because they basically know this team.

Emma Meesseman

I hear a non-stop cacophony of people that say Emma Meesseman isn’t up to the challenge of being the number one option.

The New York Liberty got the scouting report and high-fived.

Their goal? Shut down Meesseman.

Well they were correct, because the rest of the team shot 28%, but Meesse still got her 19 points, straight up against Tina Charles, who managed six points.

The Bench and everyone else

Exposed, and they were not shooting well. Toxic combo.

I personally do not like the match-ups I saw in this game, regardless of the outcome. Meesseman should not be getting beat up inside, And Bria Hartley should not be getting 15, despite what some people think.

This should put a bee in EVERYONE’S bonnet. Because being out-hustled is unacceptable.