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Bria Hartley makes cameo appearance in Natasha Cloud’s Instagram video

In the last year, I’ve noticed that people are using mobile video-based social media platforms like Snapchat to promote videos that have a limited lifespan. Other social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are doing the same. Instagram’s “Snapchatty” feature is called Stories. People post quick videos and folks are supposed to like them.

So, that’s what Mystics guard Natasha Cloud did in the last day or so. She posted an Instagram story video where Tayler Hill is in the background. Then Cloud turned the camera to the left, and we see a familiar face.

Bria Hartley is in the building!

Today’s Thursday. Bria’s a former Mystic. Social media has a thing for #TBT or Throwback Thursdays. It’s nice to see that she’s in D.C., albeit as a member of the New York Liberty.

If you’re wondering how she’s doing on the court since going to the Big Apple, she’s averaging 5.8 points a game so far this season. But there’s a catch. Hartley averaged nearly 10 points a game in June and took full advantage of Epiphanny Prince’s absence while she played for Russia in EuroBasket Women.

Unfortunately for Prince, Russia didn’t play up to expectations. And she was on the receiving end of this play:

My hope is that Bria continues to have a good season. I just hope this doesn’t happen at Tayler Hill’s expense tonight.