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Mystics vs. Storm final score: Washington blows out Seattle, 100-70

The Mystics played for something today. Nine wins.
Stewart W. Small

The Washington Mystics (9-5) took on the Seattle Storm (6-7) at noon today for a Camp Day at the Verizon Center.

The good news for the Mystics is that they got out to a hot start and never trailed in a 100-70 win.. The Storm never got going.

The Good News

Elena Delle Donne had 25 points after just three quarters of play. Five rebounds and one assist really doesn’t tell the tale of how animated she was for three quarters. Superlative. And it bugs me that she still hasn’t been let loose to score 30. Time and again, a beat-down does not let Mystics players REALLY shine.

Tayler Hill shot 5-of-9, and chipped in 14 points. Another nice performance! Good foot work and hands. Well done.

Kristi Toliver was on fire once again from the beginning. Fifteen points and four assists was enough of a upper-cut that the Seattle Storm could not regroup from the first quarter.

Krystal Thomas absolutely took the guts right out of Seattle with eight rebounds in the first half. She ended the game with 12. They had no answer for her on the boards.

Tierra Ruffin-Pratt played like a bat out of hell from the jump. It was excellent. She ended the day with 11 points and 12 rebounds. If this TRP shows up in the playoffs...well, that would be terrific

The Bad News

NONE. No nit-picking on this incredibly dominant win.


The Mystics got their ninth win by July, which was my unofficial benchmark for them while Emma Meesseman is still overseas enjoying some time with family after winning the Bronze Medal with the Belgian National team last weekend, when they had fun winning the Bronze in EuroBasket Women.

I will definitely state for the record that I do NOT expect Meesseman to walk on to this team and have her legs. That is unrealistic.

I do think that her experience over-coming odds to do something no one thought they would do, is a super benefit to the Mystics. The Belgian Cats’ ball movement was special. And it definitely seemed like the Mystics watched the EuroBasket Women games.

Emma Meesseman’s composure alone gives them something to hang their hat on, over time.