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Belgium loses in the EuroBasket Women semifinals 68-52 to Spain

Emma Meesseman’s Belgian Cats lost their first game of the EuroBasket Women 2017 to powerhouse Spain on Saturday, 52-68. They will, however, be playing for the Bronze tomorrow!

Emma Meesseman was held down completely by this very experienced, talented Spanish national team, led by Dream forward Sancho Lyttle and Alba Torrens.

It should come as no surprise that despite a five points performance, she led the team with five assists. And managed six rebounds, a steal and two blocked shots. This Spanish squad has overwhelmed everyone and that is why they have been the odds on favorite to win the whole tournament.

Regardless of the score, the Cats had some brilliant moments. They can slash to the basket like nobody’s business.

This was a game that is used as a benchmark. I think the Meesseman led Cats have a very bright future with Kim Mestdagh and Antonia Delaere, who are the Tayler Hill and better shooting Tierra Ruffin-Pratt on the squad.

A third place game tomorrow puts them in the World Cup and a dream for Emma Meesseman.