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Watch Belgium’s Marjorie Carpreaux break a Latvian player’s ankles

Marjorie, meet Ivory. Ivory, meet Marjorie.

If there’s a team that’s playing with house money in EuroBasket Women 2017, it’s Belgium. They have managed to score a major highlight in each of their three games in group play.

First, we saw Mystics forward Emma Meesseman making a Montenegrin defender fall just by driving to the basket last Friday. Then, we saw Julie Vanloo crossover Russian defender Epiphanny Prince and pass to Kim Mestdagh who drains an ice cold three last Saturday.

Now, we saw Belgian guard Marjorie Carpreaux perform an anklebreaking crossover on a Latvian defender and drive to the basket for a score earlier Monday! The video above from FIBA shows it, but here’s a GIF below:


Wow! I just have to give a standing ovation for that one. Carpreaux finished the game with 11 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists despite being just 5’3!!!

I know that I’m infamous for talking about Bria Hartley’s anklebreaker. But she is no longer on the Mystics. So let’s focus on a player who is in D.C. Ivory Latta also has a sweet crossover of her own, like this one in 2014:

We need all the heart and skills down the stretch.

Damn. I just don’t know what the next highlight is gonna be from this Belgian team. An Emma Meesseman slam dunk perhaps?