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Highlights from Elena Delle Donne and the Mystics in their first game

The Mystics won their first game on Sunday over the San Antonio Stars, 89-74.

As I mentioned in my recap, Elena Delle Donne barely broke a sweat chipping in 24 points in that contest. The only negative was that she committed five fouls, but EDD noted that it was probably more likely from excitement because her average is well below that, at 1.8 for her career.

Delle Donne’s first bucket came within the first 30 seconds of the game and it is clear that the spacing the Mystics can create with EDD, Emma Meesseman and Kristi Toliver on the floor is a real addition. That is a joke. Obviously. You could predict that from space.

The rest of the team also had a nice day. I would like to say that I reported that the Mystics had 46 rebounds, using the WNBA stats at the time; basketball reference puts it at 39. It was still a good day at the office on that account, but like all of the categories, there is room for improvement. But there is no denying that this a great jumping off point for the season.

And Meesse also had a nice move on Erika deSouza at the buzzer despite missing the preseason.

All of the M’s had every opportunity to contribute last Sunday, though the Stars are far from the WNBA’s best team. The Mystics’ game tomorrow against the defending champion Los Angeles Sparks will be much more of a benchmark to use as a comparison. It also marks Toliver’s return to L.A., where she played for seven seasons.