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Mystics vs. Stars final score: Washington begins season with 89-74 rout

The Washington Mystics started their campaign today at the Verizon Center against the under-womaned San Antonio Stars. The end result is a 89-74 win!

Before I recap the game, let me take a step back and talk about the offseason for just a bit.

Speaking for myself, and probably a ton of long time Mystics fans, this Mother’s Day felt more like a combination of Christmas and your favorite birthday finally seeing Elena Delle Donne in Monumental Red!

When I stated at the end of last season that Emma Meesseman needed HELP, I had no idea that the bat signal was activated and we were in for the best off-season acquisitions in franchise history.

Having watched the entire UMMC season, I noticed a marked change in the dynamic on the team when Kristi Toliver, Meesse’s teammate, signed with the Mystics. It was if they ‘saw’ each other finally, and realized that they had four months to get on the same page. This told me something:

This is chemistry. #Toliver #Meesseman And a great sign for the #Mystics #UMMC #UMMCekaterinburg

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We saw it all today!

The Good News

Elena Delle Donne is exactly who we thought she was. A MENACE to defenses. Scored 24 and she didn’t break a sweat. She did have a bloody nose at one point. Welcome back to the W. Ahem.

Emma Meesseman may have been jet lagged just getting back from Belgium, but it didn’t show. Thirteen points, nine rebounds and five assists to lead the team, contributed to the 46 rebounds overall and never let the Stars catch a break.

Kristi Toliver had a nice game, contributing 8 points and 4 assists.

Tayler Hill managed 15 points on 41% shooting so that is always a good thing. She hit 7 of 10 free throws, but four turnovers is not ideal.

Ivory Latta made 4 of 9 shots, and was the juice off the bench we expect her to be.

The Bad News

Natasha Cloud plays great defense but typical offensive numbers, four point and one assist. Please get that jumper together.

Tierra Ruffin-Pratt also had some nice defensive acumen, with 8 rebounds, but shooting, eight points on two of seven shots.

The Neutral News

Wow. What a difference a bench makes. The ‘new look’ Mystics held it down when it mattered. Mo Currie scored 31 points but the Mystics would simply not let the Stars get hot otherwise.

I am a Tianna Hawkins fan, so I was very pleased to see her hold up her end of the deal. Nine points and six rebound did not disappoint.

Krystal Thomas had five rebounds and really picked up where Kia Vaughn left off. Good footwork and quick analysis kept, again, the Stars from getting any momentum with Meesse and EDD on the bench.

If this less than perfect display is what we have to look forward to over the summer, I’M IN.