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2 WNBA GM’s think the Mystics will win the 2017 Finals

With big moves come big hype and big expectations.

thibault 2016 Stewart W. Small

On Thursday, released its annual GM survey on who the best players and coaches are. Since the Mystics had a huge offseason, it should be no surprise that they would get positive remarks.

In the survey, 17% or two of 12 GM’s believed the Mystics would be the WNBA champions this season. However, only four GM’s believed the Mystics would win the most regular season games among Eastern Conference teams. The New York Liberty ranked first there.

Washington topped some categories quite handily, every GM except Mike Thibault said that Elena Delle Donne’s arrival will have the biggest impact this season. If you’re wondering why Thibault couldn’t vote for her, he’s not allowed to pick his own team. He selected Candice Dupree’s arrival to the Indiana Fever as his.

The Mystics also ranked high when it came to individual player assessment questions. Like other WNBA analysts, five GM’s believe Elena Delle Donne will be the WNBA MVP.

If there’s one category I’m a bit surprised about, it’s the result of who the best head coach in the WNBA is. Four GM’s selected Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve, who won the poll. She’s a fair choice for sure. I’m not sure why Thibault only gets one vote though.

Until this season, Thibault’s had a lot less talent to work with in Washington — and even his previous team, the Connecticut Sun — than Reeve. That said, Reeve has to manage multiple superstars, which is no easy feat.

The WNBA regular season starts later today, though the Mystics don’t start playing until Sunday when they host the San Antonio Stars. Hopefully, Washington will meet the challenge of being a superstar-led and high powered team this summer.