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Bria Hartley gives birth to son


hartley 2016 Stewart W. Small

Over the weekend, Mystics guard Bria Hartley gave birth to her first child. Though the exact date/time is unclear, the Mystics reported it earlier Sunday afternoon:

(also, h/t to ZardStyx for the first FanShot)

If you’re wondering what Hartley was up to in recent months, she spent most of the time either at speaking engagements, holding her traditional baby shower in early December or working out as hard as anyone in the gym.

This was Hartley working out in late November when she was about eight months pregnant:

Strength , Stability and Conditioning with the Machine @breezyyy14 8 months pregnant and still Killing it !!!

A photo posted by Britton Kelley (@brittonkelley) on

And here she was last week when she was still putting time in the gym.

The Mystics’ season starts in May, so Hartley should be ready to play for most of next season.

Congratulations Bria!