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Mystics release a new blue jersey and updated sponsor for the 2016 season

The move is done in commemoration of the league's 20th season.

The Mystics are less than a month away from the WNBA Draft, but when you see them at Verizon Center this summer, you won't be seeing them in a traditional white jersey anymore.

The WNBA announced on Monday that all team uniform colors will be updated so that traditional white uniforms will be eliminated. This affects ten teams, with the exception of the Los Angeles Sparks and San Antonio Stars who already wear gold and gray home jerseys respectively.

From 2011-2015, the Mystics wore white home jerseys with red trim, while their road jerseys were red with navy blue trim. In 2016, the red jersey will remain and become their new home jersey since it says "Mystics" on the front instead of "Washington," but their road jerseys are now navy blue with red trim.

Earlier this month, the league announced that Verizon will be the league's new marquee sponsor with its logo on every team's jersey except for the Connecticut Sun and San Antonio Stars. Since the Mystics play at Verizon Center, I find it fitting.

All of the changes are part of the league's commemoration of its 20th season.

The Mystics have a page showing the history of their uniforms since their first season in 1998. If there's one thing that the WNBA can improve on with apparel sales and for league awareness, it's time for them to release retro jerseys sooner rather than later.