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Michael Jordan Week

A look back at Michael Jordan's time with the Washington Wizards and how it still resonates with the team today.

Michael Jordan Week: Tracing MJ's Impact On Today's Wizards

A comprehensive trace of Michael Jordan's personnel decisions to the the current Wizards roster. Which players on today's team are here as a direct result of His Airness's moves? How did the team change from 2003 to 2012?

Michael Jordan Week: Remembering The Worst Moments Of His Wizards' Tenure

Wizards fans remember the lowest moments of the Michael Jordan era.

Michael Jordan Week: A Symbol Of Transformative Futility

Michael Jordan, symbol of transformative futility. Yeah, we're talking about his time as a Wizard.

Michael Jordan Week: Examining His Personnel Decisions With The Washington Wizards

The Michael Jordan era brought it's share of good memories on the court, but it's difficult to look past his personnel decisions that held the franchise back both while he was a player and beyond.

Michael Jordan Week: A Statistical Retrospective

Michael Jordan Week continues! Today, Bullets Forever features an in-depth statistical analysis of His Airness' time with the Washington Wizards.

Michael Jordan Week: Remembering The Best Moment Of His Wizards' Tenure

We relive the best moments of the Michael Jordan era.

Michael Jordan Week: Why His Tenure In D.C. Was Complicated

Michael Jordan week rolls on with this remembrance of his Wizards tenure.

Michael Jordan Week: An Introduction

An introduction to Michael Jordan Week, a remembrance of his years with the Washington Wizards.