R.I.P. Moses Malone


In honor of Moses Malone's time with the Bullets, here's a game from 1987 against the Chicago Bulls and a young Michael Jordan. Note that Malone gets doubled on virtually every possession.

Six minutes of John Wall blocking people from last season


Pro tip: Don't watch the next-to-last block because Al Horford does something VERY VERY BAD right after the block, but everything else is great. John Wall blocks are the best. (HT: Matt DeBruycker)

Highlights from Oubre's 30 point performance vs. Nuggets


It's always nice when the last Wizards game for a few months can give you highlights like these to give you reasons to be excited about this fall.

You can find an extended, three minute cut of Oubre highlights here.

#TBT John Wall Summer League Highlights


As fun as Scott Machado was on Wednesday against the Jazz, he still can't hold a candle to John Wall's brilliant performance as a rookie in the 2010 Summer League. Wall averaged 23.5 points, 7.8 assists, 4 rebounds and 2.5 steals per game as he claimed MVP honors, despite only playing in four of the team's five games.

A flashback to Gilbert Arenas' 2007 gamewinner


With the game tied at 111, Gilbert Arenas brought the Verizon Center to its feet with one of the most memorable shots in franchise history. Just thought I'd share this with you before tonight's Jazz game.

NBA TV on how #KD2DC affects the Wizards' SL team


If you were watching Sunday's game on CSN Washington, or just not watching the game (it's okay, we understand) you probably missed this moment we weren't expecting to see. Still, it's good to know we're not the only ones who see the KD ties in every move the Wizards have made this summer.

Aaron White takes flight


Okay, so we may need to rethink who that Flight White nickname should really go to. Aaron White showcases his not-so-sneaky athleticism on a putback dunk.

John Wall's Top 10 plays of the season


A great list here, capped by Dave Johnson's reaction to Wall's 360 layup around Matt Barnes. Still, we're surprised they couldn't find a way to get John Wall's sequence from Game 2 vs. the Raptors when Wall swatted Lou Williams and hit an and-one on Amir Johnson on the other end. Not bad for a guy who couldn't make an All-NBA team this season.