Thomas Boswell on Wizards offseason (ooof)


I am still amazed that ANYBODY ever thought that Durant was coming to D.C. One of two things was going to happen with KD and OKC. 1) They won a title or came so close that KD would stay there to finish the job. Or 2) he would leave to go to a team that was very close to a title -- closer than OKC was to a ring. And the Wiz were NOT going to be the team in Category Two -- somewhere realistically close to a title -- until AFTER they got KD. Listen as I repeat myself: KD was either going to stay in OKC or go to a team that was INCHES from a title. He was NOT going to go to a team that needed to ADD him just so it could DREAM of contending for a title. Those who have responsibility for analyzing this crafty KDtoDC strategy -- and selling it to the public, or not discouraging it from being peddled to the public -- are Ernie and Ted. Here are their grades on the Conceptualization and Execution of the Kevin Durant Master Plan. F- F- I stuck with "F-" because I thought "F- - - - - - - -" might be confusing. (Remember, this was a MULTI-YEAR delusional fantasy that infected team building and drafting. Did they ever really believe in it? YES, they MUST have because Plan B is...Ian Mahinmi.)

From Thomas Boswell's online chat, July 5, 2016

Marcin Gortat will not play in next several games


In polish press there is info that Marcin is going to Poland for several days, because his mother is seriously ill and she is in hospital.


Good article on Kelly Oubre. Did the Wizards get a steal?


After a sometimes rocky freshman year at Kansas, Oubre was the 15th pick in this year’s NBA draft, taken by the Wizards after they were able to work out a deal with the Hawks. Oubre was high on the board of several lottery teams, including the Hornets at No. 9 and Heat at No. 10, but when he slipped into the teens, there was a clamor from teams to move up and grab him. Boston likely would have taken him at No. 16, a source said, and once the Celtics failed to get Charlotte’s pick, they tried to move up for Oubre. Several other teams had interest, and a source told Sporting News that the Rockets (with the 18th pick) were trying to move up, too. But it wasn’t until Oubre’s agent, Nima Namakian, got a text message from Wizards vice president Tommy Sheppard on draft night, telling him that the Hawks had agreed to a deal, that Oubre finally knew how his situation would pan out.

Sean Deveney, Sporting News

Wizards officially announce Jared Dudley trade


"Jared’s versatility and shooting ability will give us depth at both forward positions and allow us to use him in a variety of lineups," said Grunfeld. "We are also looking forward to the leadership and veteran presence that he will bring both on the court."

(via the Wizards' press release) Now that he's a Wizard, I propose his nickname should be Funky Dudley.

Wizards officially sign Gary Neal


"Gary is a proven veteran who will bring us perimeter shooting and experience," said Grunfeld. "Adding him to our rotation makes our backcourt rotation deeper and more versatile."

(via Wizards press release) Now we can officially call the Wizards' SG tandem the Real Deal Beal & Neal.

Will Bynum signed for rest of the season


Washington Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld announced today that the team has signed guard Will Bynum for the remainder of the season. Bynum has appeared in three games with Washington this season after originally signing a 10-day contract with the team on March 27.

(via Wizards PR) Even though Bynum is still dealing with a less than fully recovered hamstring, it looks like the Wizards felt he was their best option for the rest of the season.

Wizards-Hawks on April 12 moved to NBA TV


The Atlanta at Washington game will now be televised by NBA TV. The New Orleans at Houston game will no longer be televised by NBA TV.

via NBA press release

Where would you put the Wizards' concern level right now?


Hoops Critic: Seems like the All Star Break came at a good time for the Wizards (they’ve stumbled a bit after a fantastic start, losing 8 of their last 12 pre-break, Beal missing games with that leg injury). What’s your general feel for the team’s attitude? On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your level of concern about the team right now?

(JW): Honestly, I could argue a "1" here. The Wizards have become exactly what we anticipated they’d be at the start of the season: a respectable playoff team in the East that’s just a shade below the conference’s upper-tier. Yes, they’ve struggled a bit as of late, but a big part of that is just regressing to the mean after an easy schedule to start the season. When you zoom out and take the long view, the Wizards are right where we expected them to be.

Still, it’s not all about the results either. Even though the Wizards are right where people expected, it’s mostly because John Wall took a bigger leap this season than anyone could have hoped for or expected. His growth has masked Bradley Beal’s stagnation, Otto Porter still not quite living up to expectations (though he’s looked MUCH better this season) and the overall struggles of the team to generate offense not centered around Wall. Plus, the recent slumps have led to a bit of finger pointing that can fester and lead to bigger issues if the team can’t sort it out. With all that in mind, I’ll say a "3".

I talked with James H at Hoops Critic (who you may remember from this Christmas miracle) about the Wizards' struggles recently. Admittedly, I did this Q&A at the beginning of the Wizards' six-game slide, but at the end of the day, the core of this answer still rings true. The issues the Wizards faced during the slide were the same ones they faced before the slide and the same ones they will continue to face moving forward. It's only worth panicking over if you thought the Wizards had a shot at winning the East this year. You can check out the full Q&A here.

Damian Lillard picks Gilbert Arenas


as one of his Mt Rusmore fav players ever. Gill with MJ, Magic and Larry Bird. Just saw that on NBA TV. Dam is my fav non Wizard player.

NBA tv

Leonsis has no pity on the Knicks


We didn't feel sorry for New York being short handed and in a rebuild mode.

Clearly, Ted Leonsis didn't feel bad about beating the Knicks' skeleton crew, and frankly, we can't blame him. We doubt the Knicks felt bad when they beat the Wizards 103-65, back when the Wizards were in rebuild mode in 2012. He was also very impressed by how many people comment on the site, but slightly concerned, which is probably fair.