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Is Kevin Durant coming to Washington in 2016? No one knows, but we'll pretend like he is in this section.

KD swats kids at camp, shows love to Caron Butler

Today has been a great day if you're looking for new evidence to support #KD2DC.

Translating Kevin Durant's battery emoji tweet

We got down to the bottom of Kevin Durant's cryptic battery emoji tweet from Thursday night.

The Wizards should get a Montrose Christian jersey

If the NBA is going to let teams get more creative with their alternate jerseys, the Wizards should take full advantage.

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NBA TV on how #KD2DC affects the Wizards' SL team

If you were watching Sunday's game on CSN Washington, or just not watching the game (it's okay, we understand) you probably missed this moment we weren't expecting to see. Still, it's good to know we're not the only ones who see the KD ties in every move the Wizards have made this summer.

Every KD connection to Wizards' Summer League team

Every player on the Wizards' Summer League roster has ties to Kevin Durant. Every. Single. One.

Translating Durant's comments on Aldridge

Kevin Durant discussed LaMarcus Aldridge's decision to return to his home state of Texas with reports. As usual, there were more to Durant's words than meets the eye.

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We wonder how KD feels about Oubre being in D.C.

Kelly Oubre is getting traded to the Wizards. Durant's friends with Oubre. MUST BE KD2DC RELATED!

Player is "pretty sure" Durant is headed to D.C.

At least one NBA player thinks life would be better for Kevin Durant in the Eastern Conference.

What KD's new commercials says about KD2DC

Kevin Durant has some new commercials out, and they say more than you might think about his plans for 2016.

Translating Durant's message to Brooks

After the Thunder announced they would not be bringing back Scott Brooks last season, Kevin Durant took to Instagram to share his feelings, but as always, there's more to the message than what you see on the surface.

Translating Durant's latest quotes on OKC, Thunder

In a new interview, Kevin Durant says he finds a "one player, one team legacy" appealing, but a quick check of the Durant Translator reveals the truth.

How Knighton signing lures Durant to the Wizards

Washington continues their extended recruitment of Kevin Durant by signing bringing another person with Durant connections to the nation's capital.

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Oklahoma City superstar promotes Wizard Creative Liaison's upcoming album

Can't wait for this to drop, my brother @wale doin it for the whole Maryland, dc and Virginia area.

A photo posted by Kevin Durant (@easymoneysniper) on

The Wizards won last night, so we can start talking about recruiting Kevin Durant again. (HT: Kelly Cohen)

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Subliminal messaging on Kevin Durant's GQ cover

If you can't see the signs all around you, we don't know what else to say.

G-Wiz reaches out to Mo'ne Davis and Kevin Durant

While John Wall is preparing for the All-Star Game, G-Wiz had an equally busy weekend as Monumental Sports' Chief Recruiting Officer.

Why the Durant to DC buzz won't drive KD away

As the hype around Kevin Durant joining the Wizards builds, there are some that question whether or not all the attention could wind up driving Durant away from Washington in free agency. Here's why you shouldn't be worried.

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Here's the cover for the Washington Post sports section today

How to get your Kevin Durant Wizards jersey makes it very difficult to get that Kevin Durant jersey that every Wizards fan wants. We're here to show you some creative ways to get what you want.

Wizards TV announcers discuss recruiting Durant

Steve Buckhantz, Phil Chenier and Chris Miller of CSN Washington talked about the possibility of Kevin Durant joining the Wizards in 2016.

KD gets weird on social media

One week ahead of the Thunder's big game in Washington against the Wizards, Kevin Durant hopped on Twitter and Instagram to ask some deep, deep questions.

Lawson, Leonsis talk about Durant coming home

Kevin Durant shook off the Wizards' pressure to score 34 points in the Thunder's win over the Wizards, but couldn't shake the talk that he's coming to Washington in 2016.

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January 21 is Wizards fan appreciation day

Yes, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder will come to town then. But it's even more important that you support your Wizards and demand that the media do the same!

Durant is having problems getting ball in OKC

If only there was a solution in his hometown to this present issue.

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People can't stop customizing Kevin Durant Wizards jerseys

Kevin, you're not going to deny all these people that are spending hard-earned money making jerseys about you, right? Don't be cruel to the people, KD.

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The Wall, Beal, Durant trio has a trailer now

Some of you might say Kevin Durant in a Wizards uniform is but a fleeting dream, but well, every fleeting dream should be a movie, and every movie needs a trailer.

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Not sure this helps

Kevin Durant was mad enough as it is, preparing for his first game back on Tuesday, and then he has to see this.

How Charlotte can deal with Stephen Curry rumors

The Wizards aren't the only team in the Southeast Division dealing with a player pondering a return to his hometown.

How Durant's partnership with Sonic helps the Wiz

Kevin Durant announced he's partnering with Sonic Drive-In, an Oklahoma City based fast food chain, to help create new, healthy fast food options. Despite what you might think, this is yet another sign that he's joining the Wizards in 2016.

Durant to announce new partnership

We don't know what it's about just yet, but we have reasons why we think it could be about the Wizards.

What would you give up to bring KD to DC?

There's already one person on record saying he'd pay higher taxes if Durant came to Washington. Our writers listed other things they'd be willing to give up.

Mark Wahlberg is trying to lure Durant to Boston

Good luck with that, Marky Mark.

Translating Durant's Twitter Q&A

Kevin Durant claimed to be on Twitter today to talk about his upcoming documentary, but the Durant Translator tells a different story.