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Is Kevin Durant coming to Washington in 2016? No one knows, but we'll pretend like he is in this section.

A word about this thing called “#KD2DC”

The now-Brooklyn Nets forward explains why he never, as in REALLY NEVER, thought about playing for the Washington Wizards.

There’s never been a better time for Kevin Durant to join the Wizards

Warriors proving why KD2DC was the right idea

Kevin Durant’s success in Golden State vindicates that trying to go after him was the right idea, but also goes to show Washington went about it all wrong.

Larry King praises Wizards and trolls Kevin Durant

The renowned television host gave a shout out to the Wizards and took a playful jab at the Warriors’ star.

Recapping KD’s announcement & free agency open thread

Kevin Durant shook the NBA world on America’s birthday. Here’s a recap on how people in D.C., Oklahoma City, and the Bay Area are reacting to it.

KD2DC’s dead, but the Wizards’ future is still bright

With Kevin Durant’s free agency now officially behind us, let’s go back to focusing on the players who matter most, the ones right here at home.

Whose fault is it KD2DC didn’t work?

Besides ours, of course.

Wiz are ‘pessimistic’ about KD2DC, don’t expect meeting


KD shouldn't let D.C. influence his decision

Many people compare a hypothetical KD2DC scenario to LeBron James’ return to Cleveland. They’re not the same, and James’ success in Cleveland shouldn’t influence Durant either.

Free stuff DC should give KD to join the Wizards

No city knows how to give away free stuff better than Washington D.C.

FAQ about KD2DC after the Thunder's playoff exit

Have the Wizards' chances of acquiring Kevin Durant this summer improved in light of Oklahoma City's loss to the Golden State in the playoffs?

Four ways Game 6 of Thunder-Spurs affects the Wiz

The biggest game of the playoffs so far has interesting ramifications for the Wizards.

FAQ about KD2DC after the Brooks hiring

Where do things stand after the Wizards hired Kevin Durant's former coach? Let's take a look.

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Why would KD leave a championship contender?

There isn't much incentive for the Oklahoma City star to leave for a Wizards team that seems to be re-calibrating every offseason.

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An open letter to Kevin Durant

One fan's plea to the Thunder forward to give Washington another look.

Translating KD's confidential free agency quotes

The #KD2DC Translator knows all

Translating KD's shoving match with Cousins

Thanks to the magic of the KD2DC translator, we were able to uncover Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins' secret conversation during their shoving match on Monday.

Woj: Wizards not a "front runner" for Durant

Not surprised quite frankly.

Durant gives message to DMV fans on his free agency

No matter what happens, the D.C. area will always be a core part of the Thunder superstar's identity.

Why the Wiz shouldn't give up on slim hope of KD

The Wizards don't have a great shot at luring Kevin Durant to Washington, but it beats the alternatives.

Durant gives Wizards piece of recruiting puzzle

The Thunder star suggested Wiz fans disrespected their own team by offering such a warm welcome in last year's game at the Verizon Center. Hidden in that criticism is another key to making the most important free agent pitch in the team's history.

Even if KD's in D.C., Wall's still the franchise

Regardless of what happens tonight or next summer, the Wizards already have their franchise cornerstone.

Preview: Wizards host kinda important game vs. OKC

Kevin Durant is in town, as you may have heard.

Translating KD's thoughts on "disrespectful" fans

Kevin Durant said he thought the way Wizards fans treated the home team the last time he played was "disrespectful" to the current team. Or at least, that's what he wants you to think.

Bringing KD2DC to life through NBA 2K16

One writer set out on a stupid mission to find out how hard it would be to lure Kevin Durant to Washington on a video game.

Nike creates the most KD2DC shirt possible

We can't even make this up.

KD asked about KD2DC during underwear interview


Wall talks about pitching Durant & season goals

The goal is to be a top team in the Eastern Conference of course, but even the Wizards' franchise player knows what is at stake in the summer of 2016.

KD shows off burgundy and gold shoes on Instagram


This stream has:

The #KD2DC Translator

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant provides no shortage of quotes which seem innocuous on the surface but have much deeper meaning once you read between the lines.rds in 2016.

Translating KD's latest comments

Kevin Durant had a busy summer, but still managed to find some time to say some things we can take out of context to make it look like he's joining the Wizards.

Featured Fanshot

John Wall and Kevin Durant hanging out at Snoop Dogg's flag football game

Wall and Durant didn't get to play with each other in the game, but they found ways to hang out. You know, just a couple of guys, hanging out.