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Daily Digits

Tomas Satoransky is keeping up the pace

Asking the wrong question about why the Wizards are playing better

Ten ridiculous stats about Bradley Beal’s performance against the Raptors

Tomas Satoransky took charge in Wizards’ win over the Bucks

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Otto Porter is letting it rip

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The Devin Robinson Dunk Party is still going strong in the G-League

Trevor Ariza can’t fix the Wizards’ defense by himself

Tomas Satoransky changes the way the Wizards rebound

The Wizards don’t have much time to plot out course for rest of the season

2018 as told through Bradley Beal facial expressions

Wall’s heel issues have a clear impact on his ability to attack the rim

The Wizards are on the wrong side of the chasm

The Wizards have been bad on the road, but there is hope

The wrong Wizards got the memo about shooting more threes this season

Thomas Bryant knows his roll

Markieff Morris’ defensive struggles are getting harder to ignore

Jeff Green has been an ideal Mike Scott replacement this season

The Rockets got every shot they wanted against the Wizards

The Wizards just can’t stop starting slow

The Wizards’ roster turnover should help with ... turnovers

Maybe Sam Dekker wasn’t a throw-in

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