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Daily Digits

After 5 years, don’t expect the Wizards to be .500 for awhile

Sure, the Wizards were and still are on the Treadmill of Mediocrity. But oddly enough, it’s also been a sign of progress for the franchise given their poor run in the 1990s.

The Wizards’ defense is bad in all the wrong places

The Wizards’ 4th quarter performance has fallen off over the last month

Bradley Beal and the saddest entry into 3,000 minute club

Tomas Satoransky gets what he can take

Wizards have to attack rim differently with Portis

The Wizards had their best rebounding performance of the season in Brooklyn

The Wizards don’t need to pick between Bobby Portis and Thomas Bryant

Beal’s 46 point night displayed his talent and desperate need for help

Help! I’m talking myself into Jabari Parker.

Breaking down the All-Stars most likely to listen to Beal’s recruiting pitch

The Wizards face long odds to make playoffs or win lottery

Wait, Otto Porter did what?

What Thomas Bryant reaching the starter criteria means for the Wizards

Jordan McRae can’t stop getting buckets

Parker shows off his athleticism in revenge game vs. Bulls

The Wizards forward is off to a strong start after getting traded by the Chicago Bulls last week.

Portis impressed in his Wizards debut

What beef with Tomas Satoransky?

Wizards head to Milwaukee for final game before Trade Deadline

There is room for Jordan McRae on the Wizards

Putting Bradley Beal’s historic season in context

Wizards signing John Jenkins after releasing Gary Payton II

The Wizards still need to clean up their rebounding issues

The Otto Porter surge was fun while it lasted

The Wizards need Trevor Ariza to finish strong

How John Wall’s Disabled Player Exception helps the Wizards

Otto Porter’s had a no-good, very bad shooting night

There’s never been a better time for Kevin Durant to join the Wizards

Bradley Beal has picked an excellent time to play at an All-NBA level

Bringing Otto Porter off the bench is working well for everyone

The Wizards’ success in the fourth quarter is not a fluke

Jordan McRae is making his case for why he deserves a spot on the Wizards

The Wizards still haven’t solved their early deficit issues