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Wizards fans negative about the Hachimura for Nunn trade

Fans don’t feel good about it for a variety of reasons.

SB Nation Reacts: Are the Wizards better off after the trade?

Also, are you still confident in the team direction?

January mailbag: Your Wizards and Mystics questions answered

Time to get to your questions

Poll: Grade the Wizards’ trade of Hachimura for Nunn

We are still having an SBN Reacts poll. It will just be later!

Send us your questions for a Jan. 25 mailbag!

It’s a major month in the NBA and WNBA calendar.

Wizards fan confidence falls, though fans love Kuzma’s bobblehead

This world hates me.

SBN Reacts: How do you rate Kyle Kuzma’s bobblehead?

Also, are we too harsh in our grading of the Wizards?

Poll: Wizards fans vote for some home team players to the All-Star Game

That said, a significant proportion of fans will only vote for superstars who "deserve it."

Wizards vs. Warriors Live Q+A

Ask me anything about today’s game, the teams or anything NBA-related!

Poll: Why do you vote for players to the NBA All-Star Game?

The Wizards seem to have a fanbase that doesn’t seem to root for its own players as much as they should. Or is that just my bias?

NBA fans nationwide think Kuzma is among the most likely to be traded


Wizards fan confidence sours again after losing streak

Time to review our recent poll!

SBN Reacts: Will the Wizards have an All-Star player?

Could Kyle Kuzma get a nod for the NBA All-Star team, even as a reserve?

Fans impressed by Luka’s triple-double, think Nets are contenders

They also believe that the Brooklyn Nets are serious title contenders now.

Wizards fans are split on team confidence

This is an interesting set of results.

SBN Reacts: How are you feeling about the Wizards in January?

Time for our weekly survey.

The Top 10 Mystics stories on Bullets Forever in 2022

We take a look at Google Analytics to see what our top stories on the Mystics were this past year.

Happy New Year!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS 2023!!!!!

The Top 10 stories on Bullets Forever in 2022

We checked Google Analytics and found what the top stories were this year.

Wizards fans believe Kuzma should be moved first at trade deadline

Also, fan confidence has moved up a lot since last week!

Which Wizards player should be moved at the trade deadline?

Time for your responses!

What were your Christmas gifts, Wizards fans?

Feel free to share your Christmas gifts here. And also, I’ll revisit my poll from yesterday!

NBA on Christmas Day preview: Game times, TV schedule, streaming and more

And happy Festivus Weekend Wizards fans!

December Mailbag: Answers to your Wizards emails and comments, Part 2

Here are more questions that I have answered.

SB Nation Reacts: Wizards fans remain pessimistic about team direction

If you are already not confident in the team, you are feeling even more hopeless.

December Mailbag: Answers to your Wizards emails and comments, Part 1

Here is the first part to our mailbag.

SBN Reacts: How are you feeling after a 10-game losing streak?


Send us your Wizards and Mystics questions for a Dec. 23 mailbag!

Time for those questions.

Most Wizards fans have NO confidence in the team right now

Things are not going well for the Washington Wizards right now. At all. And fans are sick and tired of it.

Poll: How are confident are you in the Wizards’ direction?

I haven’t asked about your confidence in the Wizards in awhile. So let’s get to it now

Wizards fans pessimistic about the team’s current road trip

Given how poor things have gone in Washington, this is no surprise.

Poll: How many wins will the Wizards get in their road trip?

The Wizards’ season is on the line. Will they answer the bell?