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Bullets Forever Community Bulletin Board

Wizards release 2023-24 concert series schedule

2 Chainz is the biggest act among the artists who will perform this year.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you all for staying with us during a tough 2023.

Wizards host their third annual essay contest for high schoolers

All entrants must be 12th graders. The winners get scholarship money and tickets to a game.

Poll: How do you grade the Wizards’ 2023-24 preseason?

Grade them in this poll!

List your 2023-24 Wizards predictions here!

And let’s hold some relative accountability to each other!

Live postgame show tonight after Wizards vs. Knicks

Immediately following tonight’s game we will go live on YouTube and Twitter.

Most Mystics fans don’t think they have their EDD successor

It’s time to reshuffle the deck.

Poll: Is the Mystics’ next franchise player on the current roster?

Answering this question should let us know whether Washington should rebuild. Yes, I have no problem saying that word.

What is the right role for Bilal Coulibaly?

Matt Modderno, Kevin Broom and Osman Baig will host a live. You can watch it here.

Wizards launch a math game for DMV area school students

The global accounting firm KPMG and non profit Learn Fresh partnered with the team for it.

Wizards Media Day and NBA training camp open thread

What questions would you like us to ask on Wizards Media Day?

We are a fan community so here is your chance!

Wizards announce Meet the Team party date & location

The event will be on Oct. 16 at the International Spy Museum.

Poll: What grade do you give the Mystics in 2023?

Vote what grade you would give Washington’s WNBA team.

SB Nation Reacts: Most Wizards fans are optimistic about Xavier Cooks’ play for Australia

Let’s check out this week’s survey results.

SBN Reacts: Will Cooks’ World Cup performance help him with the Wizards?

Time for a summer survey!

Mystics fans don’t think it’s time to rebuild, at least not yet.

They should still consider rebuilding anyway.

Our Community’s Mystics Mount Rushmore

Elena Delle Donne, Chamique Holdsclaw, Emma Meesseman and Alana Beard make the list.

Our Community’s Wizards Mount Rushmore

Wes Unseld, Elvin Hayes, Gilbert Arenas and John Wall make the list.

SB Nation Reacts: Who is on your Mystics Mount Rushmore?

Also, time for a fan confidence update.

SB Nation Reacts: Who is on your Wizards Mount Rushmore?

Greg Finberg gave his list. Now, let’s figure out the community’s as a whole.

Who is on the Wizards’ Mount Rushmore?

A 19-year-old Wizards fan offers his four greatest players in franchise history.

SBN Reacts: Most Wizards fans are confident in the new front office

The Michael Winger and Will Dawkins era is off on the right foot.

The national fans correctly believed a Top-8 draft pick would be traded!

It feels weird, but good to be in a situation where the Wizards are in the national spotlight.

SBN Reacts: Grade the Michael Winger Era, so far

Time for us to gauge fan confidence as we head toward the NBA Draft!

A quick survey on sponsorships and partnerships

Let us know here!

National NBA survey results before the Finals

And some questions on Carmelo Anthony, who retired this week.

Wizards fans don’t feel different after last week’s draft lottery

Wizards fans also want some guy from the Toronto Raptors to come in as the new GM....

Fans think the Celtics and Nuggets will meet in the NBA Finals

And fans thought the Spurs would get the No. 1 pick BEFORE the lottery!

How are you feeling after the draft lottery, Wizards fans?

Time to vote!

How optimistic are you feeling about the Wizards after the draft lottery?

We’ll have an SB Nation Reacts post soon. But for now, here’s a quick poll opportunity.

SB Nation Reacts: Who will win the NBA conference finals?

Time for your responses!