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NBA Free Agency 2022: Fourth of July open thread

I would have posted a picture of a Wizards player. But let’s not forget about Brittney Griner, who is looking for her Independence Day.

Most Mystics fans are happy with the start of the 2022 season

Let’s get to our Washington Mystics survey results.

Wizards fans remain unsatisfied after the draft

Let’s go over our Washingotn Wizards survey results.

SBN Reacts: How do you feel about the Wizards heading into free agency?

The Washington Wizards are heading into free agency with their draft picks and a significant trade. Does that make you feel better?

How do you feel about the Mystics at the midseason point?

Time for your survey responses.

Could Davis be a top player in the ‘22 draft class and who’s in the Wizards’ Big 3?

Here are your questions and my answers

SBN NBA Reacts: Most fans wanted the Wizards to select PG, trade up

Okay, we know who the Wizards selected in the draft, but it’s worth going over how you felt right before the draft.

SB Nation NBA Reacts: How do you feel about the Wizards heading into draft day?


Send us your questions for a June 25 mailbag!

Let’s get the June mailbag out of the way!

May Mailbag: Shakira Austin’s hot start, and will the Wizards make big changes this summer?

Here is the first main part of our answers.

NBA Western Conference Finals Game 3 Open Thread

SBN NBA Reacts: Luka best player in playoffs, GSW title favorites

Here are the results of our most recent national survey this past week.

May Mailbag: Did the Mystics make the right decision to let Meesseman go?

I think the Mystics made the right decision and the Sky have a great opportunity for the 2019 WNBA Finals MVP to show her potential.

Send us your questions for the May 2022 mailbag!

Send us your questions!

SB Nation NBA Reacts: More second round playoff survey results

Let’s take a look at the results from this week’s national survey.

SB Nation NBA Reacts: Second round playoff survey results and GameThread for May 6

Here are our most recent national survey results

Mailbag: Gafford’s tradability and Beal’s next contract

Thank you for your questions in this month’s mailbag!

SBN Reacts: Suns vs. Pelicans series is the most surprising

Here are our national results!

Send us your questions for a Apr. 30 mailbag!

Send us your questions!

SBN Reacts: Mystics fans are very optimistic in preseason poll

This is a great way for us to examine the Mystics as the preseason begins.

SBN Reacts: How do you feel about the Mystics this preseason?

Time for our second survey!

SBN Reacts: Nets vs. Celtics series expected to be the most exciting

That and more are on the books!

SBN Reacts: National results on NBA play-in teams and more

The Wizards weren’t mentioned, but they just aren’t in the national storylines.

SBN Reacts: Kuzma named Wizards fans’ MVP, Avdija their MIP for 2021-22

Fan confidence also continues to decline.

SBN Reacts: Our final Wizards survey for the 2021-22 season

Let’s get our last responses in!

SBN Reacts: Here are the fans’ picks for most year-end awards

Here are our national results. The fans nationwide have made their picks for all awards except for MVP.

In one word, Wizards fans call this season disappointing

That’s the first word that comes to mind for me as well.

SBN Reacts: How do you feel about the Wizards as this season ends?

Here is the last survey of the NBA season while games are still being played,

SBN Reacts: National fans believe Celtics will win No. 1 seed in East

Here are the national results!

SBN Reacts: Wizards fans give team a median grade of D this season

That and fan confidence are in the books!

SBN Reacts: Fans think Embiid will win the NBA’s per game scoring race

Here are our team survey results.

Wizards fans believe Avdija will benefit from Summer League, but less so on EuroBasket

Here are our team survey results.