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How will the G-League Select Contracts affect the Wizards and Go-Go?

The NBA G-League announced that some 18 year old prospects could get a one-year $125,000 contract before going to the NBA, but it’s unclear how it will help the Wizards or any NBA team.

Guangzhou Long-Lions v Washington Wizards
Devin Robinson is in line to be one of the Capital City Go-Go’s key players this season. In future years, it could be a player right out of high school.
Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

The NBA G-League announced on Thursday that the league will offer one-year contracts worth $125,000 to some players who could be as young as 18 years old.

The main point of having these contracts is to allow elite high school boys basketball players who do not wish to go to college to play one year for a professional team in the United States. It is also an acknowledgement that the “one and done” rule isn’t working. Currently, NBA Draft prospects spend a minimum of one year of college before going to the pros. When this happens, these players may only spend one semester in class because they essentially know that they are not going to come back the following school year. Hopefully, that’s not happening.

The advantage that these players will get to spend one year in the NBA G-League and get in the mindset of being a professional player as opposed to an amateur. They also will play against players who are at the very least as good as they are, if not even better in many cases. However, details are still being worked out. It isn’t clear if there will be a draft for these select contract players, which would affect which organization they would play for.

How do you think this would affect the Wizards organization? At the very least, getting a select contract player could help the Go-Go get more popularity. But if these select contract players are just going back to the general NBA draft pool in a year, it’s hard to say how much these players are helping the G-League teams they are on.