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Bullets Forever Roundtables

Bullets Forever 3-Pt Play! How do the Wizards sort out their rotation?

Let’s chat about the rotation in Washington, which is still not truly set yet.

Roundtable: Kuzmaniaaaaaaa!

Our staff has a roundtable discussion on scorching hot, Kyle Kuzma.

Roundtable: Is “Point Beal?” a thing going forward?

The Washington Wizards guard has played more at the point guard position in recent seasons. Should he play more from this position going forward?

Roundtable: Our grades on the Wizards’ moves in free agency, Part 3

Here is the final part of our roundtable on the Wizards’ offseason moves.

Roundtable: Our grades on the Wizards’ moves in free agency, Part 2

Our roundtable continues as more of our writers give their thoughts on the Wizards’ active offseason.

Roundtable: Our grades on the Wizards’ moves in free agency, Part 1

We chat about our thoughts regarding the Wizards’ moves in an active free agency season.

Roundtable Part 2: What does Brooks need to do to get an extension?

We continue our discussion of Scott Brooks’ performance as the Wizards’ head coach here.

Roundtable Part 1: What does Brooks need to do to get an extension?

We chatted, some of us at length about what can be done, whether it’s for the Wizards to make the second round of the playoffs or just get in the play-in game.

Roundtable: Reactions to the Wizards’ coronavirus forced postponements

We chatted about the Washington Wizards’ crisis which goes hand in hand with the biggest crisis of our lifetimes.

Part 3 of our reactions on Wall wanting out of the Wizards

Here is our third and final part of our discussion on John Wall’s trade request.

Part 2 of our reactions on Wall wanting out of the Wizards

Our discussion about the biggest story around the Washington Wizards continues.

Our thoughts of Wall wanting out of the Wizards, Part 1

We begin talking about how we feel about the Wizards’ franchise player wanting to take his talents somewhere else.

Part 2 of our roundtable on Avdija coming to the Wizards

Our discussion on the Wizards’ first round draft selection continues ... with some words from an old friend!

Roundtable: Our reactions to the Wall and Westbrook trade rumors

We chatted about the biggest news of the day outside of the NBA Draft last night.

Our thoughts on the NBA & WNBA game postponements

The Bullets Forever team chatted on recent events in the NBA and WNBA.

Should the NBA stay in a bubble or in the USA for the 2020-21 season?

The 2019-20 NBA season’s bubble has been executed as well as we would have hoped. But that doesn’t mean that the 2020-21 NBA season can just go on in cities without fans.

Roundtable: Can Wall bounce back successfully from his Achilles injury?

The Seattle Storm forward and 2018 WNBA MVP regained her form in just one year after tearing her Achilles tendon in a EuroLeague Women championship game. It’s not the same league, but the Washington Wizards are likely hoping for a similar turnaround from their franchise player.

Roundtable: Should the Wizards rebuild? And what is Brooks’ future?

The Bullets Forever team chats about what’s ahead for the Wizards now that their 2019-20 NBA season is over.

Which Wizards would work best with a Beal/Arenas backcourt?

We brainstormed over the last month over some ideas on the frontcourt who would work best with a guard pairing featuring the Panda and Agent Zero.

Our reactions to the 2020 Olympics postponement

We gave our thoughts on what the delay of the 2020 Olympics will mean for the Washington Wizards and Mystics. We even give thoughts on what the COVID-19 pandemic can mean for sports overall.

Roundtable: Reactions to the suspension of the 2019-20 NBA season

Our staff discussed the suspension of the 2019-20 NBA season, both from the league and Wizards ownership perspectives.

Roundtable: Should Wall return to the Wizards before this season ends?

The Washington Wizards point guard is getting closer to an NBA return, most likely for next season. But should he return sooner to shake off some rust?

Meesseman’s future with the Mystics, Belgium’s Olympic predictions

In the second part of our roundtable with Swish Swish, we talked more about the Mystics.

Previewing Belgium & the USA’s run in Olympic qualifiers

We haven’t really had a true Belgian perspective on the Washington Mystics. Until now!

Roundtable: How should the Wizards approach the trade deadline?

We got together and chatted about what the Wizards should do over the next few weeks as the trade deadline comes.

Roundtable: How do we feel about the new WNBA CBA?

With the biggest terms of the new CBA that the WNBA and WNBPA decided on, we gave our thoughts on what it means for the Mystics.

Roundtable: WNBA Finals predictions

We got together and hashed out our thoughts on who will win the WNBA championship, why and who the Finals MVP will be.

Is it better for Ujiri to run Monumental, not just the Wizards?

We brought our writers together to collectively answer questions about how Masai Ujiri could hypothetically fit in with Monumental Sports & Entertainment.

Roundtable: Mystics 2019 Season Predictions

Solid agreement that Elena Delle Donne will be the leading scorer among other predictions.

Roundtable: Where do the Wizards go after the Otto Porter trade?

Roundtable: What the Wizards should do now after Wall’s Achilles tear

We chatted about what the Wizards should do and how Wall will be when he returns.

Roundtable: Five questions on the Mystics, WNBA free agency, trades

We go over what the Mystics should do during free agency. And no, we didn’t agree on everything.