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Bullets Forever Podcast

New series of bi-weekly podcast on all things Wizards, plus some other tidbits around the league.

Live podcast on Bilal Coulibaly, Jordan Poole, Johnny Davis, and more

The Bleav in Wizards podcast will be live at 12:30 p.m. EST.

#SoWizards podcast: NBA Draft Lottery leaves the Wizards at 10. Now what?

#SoWizards Podcast — BulletsForever 3PT Play: The Bealemma

#SoWizards Podcast: Can the Covid-Riddled Wizards Stack Some Wins Before the Halfway Point?

#SoWizards Podcast — The Big Picture: What’s the Wizards Strategic Direction? With former co-host Ben Becker

#SoWizards Podcast Episode: How to Fix the Staggering Wizards with WizTwitter’s fastbreconomics

The #SoWizards podcast analyzes the 2020 NBA draft with Nathan Froe (Dat2U)

The #SoWizards podcast is back!

Kevin Broom talks with Bullets Forever colleague Ben Mehic.

Podcast: Discussing the Wizards - Raptors series and the Lawson signing

Ranking the Wizards’ potential first round playoff opponents from least to most worrisome

Podcast: Reviewing what the Wizards did and did not do at the NBA Trade Deadline

Podcast: What the Wizards should & should not do at the trade deadline

Ranking the scariest potential first round matchups

We know the Wizards should advance out of the first round, but some series will be more challenging for them than others.

Pod: Breaking down the trade and where the Wiz stand in the East

In this episode, Jake and Alan discuss whether or not the Bojan trade was enough to help them have a better shot at making a deep run in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Pod: Where the Wiz stand at the halfway point

In this episode, we discuss the state of the Wizards as they hit the halfway point of the season and what it will take to make the playoffs this season.

Pod: The challenge in reuniting Wall & Cousins

In this week’s episode, we talk to Greg Wissinger of Sactown Royalty about if there’s any way to get John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins on the same team.

Pod: Breaking down the bench issues and if there’s still hope

We break down what has gone wrong for the Wizards so far this season and if there’s still a way to turn things around.

Pod: Andrew Sharp on his Wall interview and the team’s early struggles

In this episode, we talked to Andrew Sharp about what he learned talking with John Wall before the season started and where things stand now.

Podcast: What went right and what went wrong in the Wizards’ first game

Pod: Where the Wiz rank in the East, where Wall can grow

In this week’s episode, Mike and Jake take a look at ESPN’s RPM projections and discuss how John Wall can improve as he gets older.

Pod: Getting to know the Wizards’ new beat reporter

In this week’s episode, we talked to the Washington Post’s new Wizards beat reporter, Candace Buckner, about her journey to her new job, her early interactions with Wizards fans, and what she learned covering Ian Mahinmi in Indiana.

Podcast: Can Wall and Beal get past their tension?

In this week’s episode, we break down the simmering tension between John Wall and Bradley Beal and whether or not it’s a big deal.

Send us your questions for this week’s podcast

We’re talking Wall & Beal issues and where the team goes from here.

Ranking the remaining free agent small forwards

Is there anyone out there the Wizards should take a shot at bringing into camp?

A very #SoWizards All-Star Weekend

Imagine an All-Star Weekend that featured the worst players in Wizards history.

Pod: Ian’s role in DC, and checking in on the Mystics

In this week’s episode, Jake and Lyndie discuss how Ian Mahinmi will fit in with the Wizards and take a look at where things stand with the Mystics as they enter the Olympic break.

Pod: Evaluating Summer League and what it means for the future

Alan Jenkins and Jake Whitacre take a look at who impressed at Summer League, who still needs time to grow, and how it affects what the Wizards will do for the upcoming season.

Send us your Summer League questions for this week’s podcast

Still got some questions about what happened in Vegas? We’re here to chat.

Pod: Sorting through the Wizards’ choices in free agency

In this week’s episode, Jake tries to sort through the team’s decisions in free agency and where they now stand in the Eastern Conference.

The most interesting man on the Wizards' Summer League team

Get to know Shawn Dawson and his unique path to this year’s Summer League.

Pod: Previewing college players who could help the Wiz w/ Ben Standig

In this week’s episode, we take a look at players the Wizards explore adding to the roster, even though they don't have a pick at the moment.

Pod: Reviewing Wall's season & what comes next

In this week's episode, Jake Whitacre and Umair Khan review John Wall's season, how his injury affected his performance, and what needs to change so he can improve for the future.