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BF 2015-16 Season Preview

Bullets Forever's 2015-16 Wizards season preview

Season Preview (Part 4): Odds and ends

In the final part of our season preview, we tackle the questions that really matter, like whether or not Jared Dudley likes pineapple pizza.

Season Preview: How will Beal, Nene adjust?

In the third part of our season preview, we take a look at how two of the Wizards' cogs, Bradley Beal and Nene, will adjust to the team's new system and examine how the Wizards will adjust to the new seeding format.

Season preview: How will Wiz rotations shake out?

In the second part of our season preview, we take a look at how the Wizards' rotations and which players will see more or less playing time this season.

Season Preview: Can they follow blueprint?

We kick off our annual season preview series with a look at the Wizards' moves over the summer, their strengths and weakness, and whether or not they can build off what they did last spring.