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Best of BF 2013

Our favorite pieces from last year.

The neverending Nene dilemma

The Wizards need Nene to win games. Nene does so many things to help the Wizards win games. But the Wizards also need Nene healthy.

Beal knew what was coming

What the heck happened on that Bradley Beal game-winner? The Wizards players take you through the play.

Gortat's pick and roll brilliance

The Wizards are beginning to see their trade for Marcin Gortat pay off. How much has his presence been felt in this offense led by John Wall? We break it down here.

This is The Leap

John Wall added a jump shot to his repertoire last year and began to look unguardable. Is this the year that he finally realizes his potential as a pure point guard?

The search for balance

Finding an equilibrium between being aggressive while also making defenses pay for not respecting his perimeter shot has been difficult for John Wall in the four-year career. Was Tuesday's win over the Timberwolves a turning point?

Nene and Gortat: A fun duo

Nene and Marcin Gortat were both enthused by the trade that sent the latter to Washington days before the 2013-14 season began, and the frontcourt duo has proven formidable since the former's reinsertion into the starting lineup.

A call to arms

The Wizards' success in the future depends on national perception. This is where us fans come in.

Is this a panic move?

The Wizards are a better team today after acquiring Marcin Gortat from the Phoenix Suns in a deal for Emeka Okafor and a top-12 first-round pick, but are they improved enough to justify dealing such a strong asset?

Imagining John Wall's 'Playoff' shoes

John Wall won't have any problems trying to remember his goal for the season when he takes a look at his shoes.

The Wizards' 'Loop' play

Taking a look at one of the Wizards pet plays, the triple baseline screen. How effective is it with John Wall in the lineup?

Okafor injury clouds picture at media day

At Verizon Center for media day, the Wizards indicated health would be the only thing to hold them back.

Creating nickname jerseys for each Wizard

If the rumors are true, nickname jerseys could be coming to the NBA this season, which means the Wizards need to be prepared. Here are some suggestions on what each player could wear.

Does the John Wall effect exist?

How were the Wizards such a solid three-point shooting team last year? Is it because of John Wall? More importantly, why were they still such a bad offensive team despite this strength?

Can Beal be a star?

The Wizards don't have a sure thing in their shooting guard, but a shot at greatness may be enough.

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Separating reality from hype with Otto

There have been some misconceptions about what kind of player Otto Porter can be next year and going forward. We attempt to clear those up.

What if ... JaVale never stopped running

It's time for a deep exploration into what could have happened if JaVale McGee hadn't stopped running the wrong way on one fateful possession in February 2012.

What if ... Gil never got hurt

Each SB Nation NBA blog is looking at what might have been if not for one key moment in each franchise's history. The Bullets Forever contribution? A look at how the Wizards fortunes could have changed if not for one fateful day in April.

All aboard! Wizards leaving rebuild behind

The franchise narrative is finally changing.

Investing now to invest later

The Wizards believe that spending money now on John Wall will help them win battles to spend money on top free agents. Is that the right strategy in a capped league?

Family, free-agent wooing inspire Wall, Wiz

Emboldened by his family, a matured John Wall hopes he can be the leader, superstar and free-agent recruiter the Wizards have been waiting for.

Important John Wall max contract considerations

There are some relevant discussion points when thinking about John Wall getting a max contract, but there are others that you'll hear that don't mean diddly squat. We consider which is which in this piece.

The frontcourt flotsam problem

The Wizards lack frontcourt depth, and it's all thanks to the struggles of Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely and Trevor Booker.

Wizards blitz free agency

Washington targeted their own key free agents while securing a back-up of the future for John Wall in rapid fire. Did the Wizards behave like a team with a plan or pull the trigger prematurely in failing to let the market play out?

A wacky, PTI-style Porter/Noel debate

A quick (and hopefully humorous) dip into the counter-factual as a reminder to keep from going off the deep end on your fellow dewd.

The scary alternative

It has to be asked, and it's a question without an answer. As great as it is to get Otto Porter, did the Wizards make a mistake passing on Nerlens Noel? Only time will tell.

The OkAriza trade, one year later

About one year ago, the Wizards acquired Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor from the New Orleans Hornets. Now that we've had a chance to see this play out, was the move the right one, or would one of several opportunities passed up have been better.

The great debate

The Otto Porter/Anthony Bennett discussion threatens to tear apart Wizards fans. OK, not really, but it has been a hot debate topic around here. Umair and Thomas line up on opposite sides and make their case for each player.

Meet Otto Porter

With the NBA Draft approaching, it's time to shift our focus to prospects who could be suiting up for the Wizards next fall. First up is Otto Porter from the Georgetown Hoyas

The shifting 'Leonsis line'

A 24-25 finish blurs the Leonsis Line of .500 or bust following John Wall's return ... or does it? We really don't know, because the goalposts keep shifting.

Wall makes fans of us all

The development of John Wall has gone from baby steps to giant leaps, and people are starting to notice.

The mechanics of stardom

John Wall's jump shot has improved over the last few weeks, and it was especially on point in Wall's 47-point outburst against the Grizzlies. But what has really changed with Wall's shooting motion? We break down film to find out.

Webster explains 'Unveiling the Wizard'

Martell Webster showed off a new celebration after a two-handed slam in the Wizards' win over the Hornets Friday. After the game, he gave it a name.