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#SoWizards Podcast with Becker & Broom

A podcast by Ben Becker & Kevin Broom discussing the Washington Wizards.

#SoWizards Podcast: Ben Becker joins the program to analyze the Wizards offseason moves

Podcast: Now what?

#SoWizards Podcast: Let’s Get Real

Podcast: The Misery

The Mega-Epic 2017-18 Wizards Season Preview Podcast

Podcast: Previewing the 2017 offseason

Ben & Kevin discuss the upcoming offseason for the Washington Wizards, and how the team's poor 2016 offseason is limiting their options for upgrading the roster in 2017.

Pod: Wrapping up the series and what comes next

In this episode, Ben and Kevin discuss the Wizards’ second round loss to the Boston Celtics, and get a start on offseason analysis.

Pod: Breaking down the Wizards - Celtics series

Ben and Kevin talk about the 2-2 Wizards-Celtics playoffs series, and the likelihood of the Wizards advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Podcast: What the Wizards need to do to close the series

Ben and Kevin break down what the Wizards have done well and what they need to improve to ensure they finish out the series.

Pod: Reviewing Game 1

In this episode, Ben Becker and Kevin Broom discuss decade-old Rick Carlisle stories, Eddie Jordan's (many) defensive schemes, and...oh yeah...the Wizards’ Game 1 win over the Atlanta Hawks.

Pod: Breaking down the Cavs win and if 50 wins matters

Kevin and Ben discuss the Wizards big win against the Cavaliers and if the pursuit of 50 wins is worthwhile.

Pod: How the Wizards can find their rhythm again

Ben and Kevin discuss how the Wizards can regain their mojo, fix the defense and integrate new bench players over the final stretch of the season.

Pod: The Wizards’ trade deadline ... with a dash of salt

Ben and Kevin get salty during a deep dive discussion into how past Wizards moves limited their ability to improve at the trade deadline and will hinder their efforts to build a better team in the future.

Pod: How to fix the Wizards’ bench

In this episode, Ben Becker and Kevin Broom discuss how high a price the Wizards will have to pay to fix their league-worst bench.

Pod: The Stonehenge Wizards

In this episode, Ben Becker and Kevin Broom attempt to explain the unexplainable. And they talk trade possibilities and strategies for the Wizards to get even Stonehengier and load up for a deep run in the playoffs.

Pod: Just how good are the Wizards?

In this episode, Ben Becker and Kevin Broom discuss the red-hot Wizards, whether or not Markieff Morris’ recent run is sustainable, and how Washington has been able to improve their offense even though they’re not shooting a lot from outside.

Pod: The Wizards’ short and long-term future

In this week’s episode, Ben and Kevin discuss whether or not Washington’s recent success has changed their outlook for the rest of the season, and their options to make the team better in the future.

Pod: What will help the Wiz get better and what won’t

In the first episode of the Becker & Broom Podcast, Ben Becker and Kevin Broom discuss the state of the Wizards, why Marcin Gortat should get more shots, why Markieff Morris should get less, and why it probably isn't a good idea to go after Paul Millsap.