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I am a communication major at George Mason University, studying sport communication and journalism. I play on the GMU soccer team and am a huge Barcelona FC fan. They are the best team in the world. As for the Wizards, my favorite NBA team, ehh they're far from the best -- but I'll still be there supporting them through the ups and the downs.

Wake-Up Call: Gooden re-emerging as playoffs near

Today's Wake-Up Call looks at the effect Drew Gooden has had stretching the floor of late for the Wizards, putting the February blues behind them, and how bowling brought the Wizards back to their old, better ways.

Wake-Up Call: Wizards finally beat the elite

Today's Wake-Up Call looks at Monday night's signature win against an elite team, Bradley Beal's emergence from a season-long slump, and the Wizards featured on Jeopardy.

Wake-Up Call: Blair giving the Wizards a hand

Today's Wake-Up Call looks at the impact DeJuan Blair had in Saturday's win over Sacramento, Andre Miller's shock at being traded for Ramon Sessions, and the return of Rasual Butler.

Wake-Up Call: Beal not stepping up

Today's Wake-Up Call looks at why Bradley Beal hasn't lived up to his end of the bargain, John Wall's issue with Memphis resting starters, and the team's need for better balance.

Wake-Up Call: Wiz go bowling before Grizzlies game

Today's Wake-Up Call looks at some bonding time at the White House ahead of tonight's clash with Memphis. We also take a look at Otto Porter's need to play more minutes.

Wake-Up Call: Wizards on the mend

Today's Wake-Up Call focuses on the recent injury to Garrett Temple, the team's positive outlook despite another injury, and the efficient play of Marcin Gortat as of late.

Wiz avoid sting, but get bitten by injury bug

Today's Wake-Up Call takes a look at the Wizards' big win in Charlotte and the injury status of Garrett Temple and Bradley Beal.

Wake-Up Call: Wizards barely hang on

The Wizards once again let down in the second half of a game and eked out a 99-97 win against Miami Friday night. They struggled with the Heat's small-ball lineup but must quickly turn their attention to Milwaukee and a long, athletic Bucks squad.

Wake-Up Call: Porter explains his blooper

Today's Wake-Up Call takes a look at what was going through Otto Porter's head when he was frozen in time against Chicago, whether #Wizardskillers really exist, and the struggling nature of Washington's defense.

Wake-Up Call: Wizards need more than effort

In today's Wake-Up Call, we take a look at the Wizards' recent struggles, Randy Wittman's desire for his team to play harder, and an update on Kris Humphries' status for Washington's next game.