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Osman Baig has been with Bullets Forever since 2018, starting as a staff writer and now serving as social media manager. Prior to that, Osman contributed to Fansided via, covering the Wizards as a staff writer. He is a 2020 graduate of UMBC and in additon to covering basketball, coaches AAU and County Basketball in Northern Virginia.

#SoWizards podcast: The Wizards 1-5 start with Osman Baig

What is the right role for Bilal Coulibaly?

Matt Modderno, Kevin Broom and Osman Baig will host a live. You can watch it here.

Will Winger bring a new winning era of Wizards basketball?

A Q&A with Robert Flom with 213 Hoops.

A thorough examination of Tommy Sheppard’s dismissal

We covered all aspects of his firing on a special episode of the Bleav in Wizards podcast and what ramifications it could have moving forward.

Debating Bradley Beal’s Place in the NBA’s Hierarchy Part 2!

Here is part two of our series.

Debating Bradley Beal’s Place in the NBA’s Hierarchy Part 1

Where does Beal place among the elite?

Should the Wizards be all in on Kuzmania? (Part 2)

Let’s continue this!

Should the Wizards be all in on Kuzmania, Part 1?

We start previewing the Wizards’ season based on what we think Kyle Kuzma will provide.

Beal & the Wizards bet that loyalty will pay off in the long run

The Washington guard expresses his excitement on what the future holds.

NBA Draft 2022: Here’s an early mock of the entire first round

This week on Bleav in Wizards, we mocked the entire first round. Whom did we select with the first pick?