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I am a lifelong basketball fan that was converted to fandom by Washington Wizards by watching Gilbert and company in the mid 00's.

Korver didn't travel, according to NBA's review

The referees were correct in not calling Kyle Korver for traveling on a late game inbounds pass, according to the NBA's review of late game calls.

The step back that saved Washington

Atlanta may think Paul Pierce's game winner was pure luck, but The Truth's track record of delivering at the buzzer suggests otherwise.

Recap: Midnight Pain in Georgia as Wiz drop Game 2

Ramon Sessions and Otto Porter had big games, but it wasn't enough to overcome John Wall's absence as the Wizards dropped Game 2 in Atlanta.

A long trip to Game 3 for this Wizards fan

Meet the fan who traveled all the way from Brussels to watch a Wizards playoff game in person at the Verizon Center.

Porter is "making his name in the playoffs"

After struggling to find a place in his first two seasons, Otto Porter has carved out a big role for the Wizards in their series against the Raptors.

Frustration still high for Gortat, Wiz after win

The Wizards overcame a late charge from the 76ers to clinch their second-straight winning season, but the win did little to lower the frustration level in the Wizards' locker room after the game.

Another blown lead leaves Wiz seeking solutions

After gritting their way to a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter, the Wizards couldn't find a stop to way the Pacers in the closing minutes.

Will Bynum to join the Wizards

The former Piston and Georgia Tech star is coming to Washington after playing in China this year.

Bradley Beal's Best Game Back

Injuries have hampered Bradley Beal all season - and he hasn't quite looked his best, playing rather mum offensively. Monday's performance showed him back at his best.

Wizards avoid an epic loss during 2nd half collapse

The good news is that the Wizards won Friday's game against the Miami Heat. The bad news is that their second half performance redefined what a bad performance can be.