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I am a lifelong basketball fan that was converted to fandom by Washington Wizards by watching Gilbert and company in the mid 00's.

Player evaluations: Otto Porter

We continue our player evaluation series with a look at Otto Porter and what kind of early extension the Wizards should offer him this summer.

Wiz reportedly offering Brooks $7 million per year

The Wizards are reportedly prepared to make Brooks one of the highest paid coaches in the league.

Preview: Portland comes to town for MLK matinee

Damian Lillard and the feisty Blazers are in town as the Wizards try to rebound from Saturday's crushing loss to the Celtics.

No, Wizards fans didn't boo John Wall

Can we stop this narrative before it becomes an urban legend?

Durant's homecoming defined by absences

A game that was supposed to be all about one man's presence wound up being more about several people's absences.

Wittman shows a different side after tough loss

After a whirlwind day, an exhausted Randy Wittman talked about how the Wizards plan to move forward after Saturday's loss to New York.

Wizards show interest in Boozer

Yeah, we don't get it either.

Wizards reportedly interested in Williams

According to a report from Chris Broussard, the Wizards are one of a half-dozen teams who are interested in the former second overall pick. But does Williams make sense in Washington?

Regression is Mean: Rasual Butler evaluation

After an incredible and unexpected start to the 2014-15 season, Rasual Butler struggled to find a way to

Game 6 loss fails to darken Wizards' bright future

There was plenty of dejection in the Wizards locker room after a devastating loss to close the season, but still plenty of reasons to be positive about the Wizards' future.