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I am a lifelong basketball fan that was converted to fandom by Washington Wizards by watching Gilbert and company in the mid 00's.

Roundtable: Our reactions to the Wall and Westbrook trade rumors

We chatted about the biggest news of the day outside of the NBA Draft last night.

Roundtable: Bradley Beal didn’t get the supermax. Now what?

Predictions on what will happen in the Wizards - Raptors series

Whose job is it to get Otto Porter more involved in the Wizards’ offense?

Roundtable: Are the Wizards managing Satoransky’s development properly?

We take a look at whether or not the team is repeating mistakes they’ve made with other draft picks.

Some G-League team name ideas to consider

Washington has a new G-League team on the way in 2018 and they’ll need a proper name to go along with it. Here are a few ideas.

Why I’m a Wizards fan

Several of our writers share the stories behind what led them to become Wizards fans.

Roundtable: Reviewing the Bojan Bogdanovic trade

We discussed our impressions of the trade and what the Wizards need to do next to help their chances in the Eastern Conference.

Other things the Clips should have included in their Otto trade idea

How to talk to your family about the Wizards’ struggles

This time of year can be rough for everyone. We’re here to help.