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Reporter / Writer; Host of the Bleav in Wizards podcast. Twitter: @mattmodderno

Wizards District Gaming looks to three-peat today

This would be Wizards DG’s third consecutive 5v5 title.

The Wizards’ preseason schedule has been announced

Two of their four preseason games are against the defending champions.

Wizards District Gaming will play their first 5v5 playoff game today at 5 p.m.

Wizards DG will look to win their third consecutive title.

Wizards District Gaming is currently competing in the NBA 2K League 3v3 Finals

Wizards DG is looking to win the League’s first ever 3v3 title.

A way too early look at the 2023 NBA Draft

If the Wizards find themselves with a first-round pick in 2023, here are the names they should keep an eye on.

Wizards DG prepares for run at 3rd NBA 2K League title

Wizards DG has won the last two NBA 2K League championships and will try for a third later this month.

These Wizards role players deserved more love

Here are four Wizards players who didn’t get the credit they deserved for their contributions on and off the court.

The top five Wizards moments in the 21st century

These are the top five moments for the Wizards and their fans since 2000.

The Wizards just sabotaged themselves with Beal’s new deal

Self-sabotaging behavior interferes with long-standing goals. If the Wizards' goal is to actually build a strong team, they've done themselves a disservice by agreeing to Beal's additional contract demands. They've done fans a disservice as well.

Roundtable: How are we feeling about the Wizards’ draft picks?

Overall, we don’t think drafting Davis was a bad idea. But Yannick Nzosa in the second round? Really?