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Who are the greatest Wizards of all time? Let's ask ChatGPT

I asked for the AI site for the greatest Wizards and it provided an interesting list.

Monumental Sports will hire Michael Winger as the president of Monumental Basketball

Winger is currently the general manager of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Prospect profiles: Anthony Black, Nick Smith Jr., Ricky Council IV, Jordan Walsh

Arkansas had a talented group this year and all of these players could make some sense for the Wizards at different points in the draft.

Prospect profile: Cam Whitmore

The Villanova freshman wing is projected to go somewhere in the top 10.

Forwards likely to go in the second round of the 2023 NBA Draft

These players appear likely to fall to the second round of the NBA Draft but could still potentially provide value for a team like the Wizards.

Forwards likely to go in the first round of the 2023 NBA Draft

The Wizards need someone else in their front court who better complements Kristaps Porzingis's skillset.

Center prospects that could be had in the second round or undrafted

While not a very top-heavy center class, there is decent depth of players with third big potential

Center prospects that could go in the first round of the NBA Draft

This is not considered an especially strong center class so not many players are likely to go in the first round

Wings projected to go in the back half of the first round or early second

In Part 1, we covered the lottery range players. This is the next group of wing players potentially off the board.

Wings likely to be drafted around the lottery

Modern NBA teams could always use more wings. These are the names to know in the general lottery range.