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March Mailbag: Why support the Wizards if you’re a new NBA fan, the third center question and more

Here are the questions in our March mailbag.

The Wizards’ long-term mediocrity is holding them back

The Wizards’ last five years, with Bradley Beal as their top player, have experienced a long run of mediocrity. They haven’t been good enough to make the playoffs in most of the past several seasons, but also not bad enough to get a top pick.

Roundtable, Part 2: Is it time for the Wizards to move on from Beal?

Here’s second part of our round table on it what the Wizards need to do with their future.

Roundtable, Part 1: Is it time for the Wizards to move on from Beal?

We got the crew together to chat about whether it’s time for the Wizards to move on from their franchise guard.

Bullets Forever 3-Pt Play! How do the Wizards sort out their rotation?

Let’s chat about the rotation in Washington, which is still not truly set yet.

Mailbag: Cassius Winston’s future, and the Wizards’ need for shooters

Here are more questions for this month’s mailbag.

Mailbag: Who could make the Wizards a playoff team at the trade deadline?

Here is the first part of our mailbag where we also talk about a nickname or a new one for Bradley Beal.

Nov. mailbag Part 3: How will Hachimura fit in with the Wizards?

That and questions about the trade block are in this part of the mailbag!

Nov. Mailbag Part 1: Dinwiddie’s position, Wizards’ sustainability, more

Here is the first part of your questions in this month’s mailbag.

Mailbag Part 2: Beal’s trade value and the supermax

In the second part of our mailbag, we go over questions specifically on the Wizards’ franchise player.