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Roundtable: Our thoughts on Wizards’ moves at the trade deadline, Part 2

Here is the second part of our roundtable!

Roundtable: Kuzmaniaaaaaaa!

Our staff has a roundtable discussion on scorching hot, Kyle Kuzma.

Roundtable: Is “Point Beal?” a thing going forward?

The Washington Wizards guard has played more at the point guard position in recent seasons. Should he play more from this position going forward?

Mailbag: Should Avdija play more PG for the Wizards?

Here are more of your questions for this month’s mailbag.

Roundtable: Our grades on the Wizards’ moves in free agency, Part 3

Here is the final part of our roundtable on the Wizards’ offseason moves.

Roundtable: Our grades on the Wizards’ moves in free agency, Part 2

Our roundtable continues as more of our writers give their thoughts on the Wizards’ active offseason.

Roundtable Part 2: What does Brooks need to do to get an extension?

We continue our discussion of Scott Brooks’ performance as the Wizards’ head coach here.

#SoWizards Podcast: Ben Becker joins the program to analyze the Wizards offseason moves

Part 1 of our roundtable on Avdija coming to the Wizards

We chatted about the Maccabi Tel Aviv forward coming to D.C.

Roundtable: Our reactions to the Wall and Westbrook trade rumors

We chatted about the biggest news of the day outside of the NBA Draft last night.